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2018 Ridgewood Paving List

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July 8,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Note: These streets are not listed in order of paving. The order of paving will be determined by the contractor and the Village Engineering Department. The paving season is April through November 2018, and some streets listed may be delayed until spring 2019, depending on weather conditions and logistical issues that may arise during the paving season.

Street    From -To
E. Ridgewood   N. Maple –  Paramus Rd.
Bergen    Spring  – Court
Somerville Spring – E.R.A.
Spring S. Pleasant- East End
Addison Irving- Southern Parkway
Beveridge Norman- Stratford
Bingham E. Saddle River- Eastbrook Road
Chesterfield Sheffield- Fairfield
Deerfield Sheffield- Fairfield
Doremus Ackerman- Godwin
Eastgate VanEmburgh Ave.- Town Line
Fairway N. VanDien- N. Pleasant
Fox Dead End- East Side
Hamilton Norman – Stratford
Hillcrest Morningside – N. Monroe
Jefferson South End- Orville
Jefferson Orville- Hampshire
John Wyndermere- Linwood
Litchfield Sheffield – Fairfield
Madison N. Hillside – N. Monroe Ave.
Madison N. Monroe- Crest
Maynard To Dead End – W. Ridgewood Ave.
MonteVista  N. Monroe- Heights
N. Hillside W. Ridgewood Ave.- N. Monroe
N. Monroe W. Ridgewood Ave.- Monte Vista
N. Pleasant E. Ridgewood Ave. – Linwood
N. Pleasant Linwood- E. Glen
Pershing Wall- Linwood
Randolph Doremus- East End
S. Irving Spring- E. Ridgewood
Salem Van Emburgh- West End
Sherman Godwin- Washington
Sherman Washington Place – North End
Terhune W. Saddle River- East End
Valleyview N. Monroe- Heights
Valleyview  Heights- Crest
Wall Pershing- East End
Washington S. Monroe – W. Ridgewood
West End Lincoln- Bellair
West End Bellair- Godwin
William Jefferson- South End
William North End- Jefferson
Woodland N. Monroe- Crest

13 thoughts on “2018 Ridgewood Paving List

  1. A drop in the bucket. Stop the garage BS and get a lot more roads repaired.

  2. Ramon better get going on this….North Pleasant is a disgrace.

  3. What about West saddle river rd to Route 17, I travel the road every day and I see that it’s all marked out

  4. West Saddle was paved , not sure about east

  5. Oh great thank you.

  6. How about East Saddle River Road….the stretch that starts at the end of Paramus Road and Linwood running North to Glen Avenue…?

    It’s in awful condtion…is that Ridgewood or Paramus..??

  7. Or is that part of Bergen County roads or state

  8. I bet not even half will be done. And then winter will arrive and the rest will be forgotten. Can’t deal with enormous projects such the garage, housing complexes and also care for what current residents really deserve. It is all for those who don’t live here yet.

  9. Correction W. Saddle River Rd. is not paved in Ridgewood. It’s paved in Ho-Ho- kus only,From what I see the road is marked out for hohokus line to Route 17. Time will tell if it gets repaired. OK thank you.

  10. yes I stand corrected

  11. What about repaving some of the lots in the c b d . Well Mr. Mayor

  12. Repave cottage lot, waulnut lot,

  13. No dates no actions no one is managing. No change… Hmmm why is this

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