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2019 Ridgewood Water Quality Report


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, To view Ridgewood Water’s annual Consumer Confidence Reports click HERE.

We hope you have had an opportunity to read the report and learn about the water quality parameters that we monitor and the contaminants we test for.

Ridgewood Water is a complex water supply system and our Annual Report is similarly complex. Should you have any questions, please call us at 201-670-5521.

5 thoughts on “2019 Ridgewood Water Quality Report

  1. So as a village Resident and taxpayer ,what is going on with the water utility lawsuit.
    ???????? Any one , Or is it still dragging on in court.

  2. The utility is not talking .

  3. We did find out through our investigation A few interesting things.
    1 Why is the director of water in charge of sanitation and recycling. I does employees being utilized in the water department utility company. Answers please

  4. Ridgewood water is poisoning us with chemicals mainly chlorine.

  5. As a private investigator the water department should not have MG plates on them. That is a utility company. Yes it’s owned by the Village of Ridgewood . Bulldozer employees should be shifted over to the utility company. They should be all paid by the utility, their benefits, their pension, there’s too much of confusion going on this is why the lawsuit is in limbo. The money that the utility company is making where is it going is it staying in the utility company or is it going into The village of Ridgewood‘s bank account. This is the problem. You can not have both. In the past records what are utility funds have been paying the police department. That is the Right info that we have discovered.

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