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255 Car Garage for Hudson Street in Ridgewood

April 26,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  take ways from last nights meeting ;

The parking garage design presented last night;  was for 255 cars, with a $11,000,000 maximum guaranteed price (currently estimated around $10,000,000).
The  garage does not encroach on the street and fits the current lot ,unlike the previous Garagezilla versions .
The construction company recommended was  Epic Construction. The full council still has to vote on the project.

A new Park Mobile contract goes in effect shortly and when it does the revised contract removes the 15 cents per transaction and 3% fee, which the former Village Manager signed off on .

Word is the suicide bike lane may be on the way out finally !

And as expected neither Ms.Willett or Ms Harwin were present at the council meeting .



14 thoughts on “255 Car Garage for Hudson Street in Ridgewood

  1. Great meeting last night. The first 40min was a waste of the people’s time. Looking forward and happy to see this version of the garage moving forward.

  2. When do meter rates go up?
    When do meter times increase?

  3. 255 spots – 76 existing spots = 179 new spots.
    $12,000,000 for 179 new spots = $67,000 per new spot.
    (I added to the construction costs just like Walker did for soft costs)
    Math going to be ugly.
    We better hire a consulting firm to massage the numbers.

  4. A garage is a garage. 3 feet more or less it is still a monster and shouldn’t be proclaimed as win win for everyone. I hope it is voted down by Voigt. It is not needed. Period.

  5. Paint it white and put a long nose on the front of it….$43,137 per parking spot (assuming $11mm)….Sure, now tell us all how this will not end up being another tax payer adventure.

  6. artwork? by that standard we need a lot of work or not at the Village Garage a Steven King novel gone rogue..Name sums it up..
    Broken Town Usa ps roads are crap.towns a disgrace…

  7. Ridgewood is either very stupid or very corrupt (or both)

  8. What this town needs …. is ….. a …. MONORAIL.

  9. looks like a loading dock at trucking depot.We don’t want it either way..

  10. I wish it looked more English Tudor so it fit in with the town’s look, but I am excited for the garage. We NEED one and this looks so much better than the ugly neglected lot that is there now.

  11. We don’t need a garage…..CBD is a dead zone unless I want a coffee.

    Welcome to Fort Lee.

  12. Someone’s boondoggle … not needed.

  13. There should be a “clock” on the side that counts how much money it loses every day, like the debt clock.

  14. having RECVD Susan and mikes victory lap well done Mail flyer on the
    Garazilla Jr.

    I am going to vote for anyone including Dog Catcher write in ballot for Mayor and VC

    THAT brochures Garagezilla -lite PHOTO Is a monstrosity,So here we go..

    rally around the developments that will crush this towns traffic ,financials and school system costs .time to vote them out,,

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