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4 must see places in Portugal

There are many places to see in Portugal, a country with good weather almost all year round, an exquisite and varied cuisine, renowned wines, charming cities and towns and miles of beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which make it one of the most recommendable countries in the world.

Being so close to Spain, also with a similar culture and lifestyle, we sometimes look for more distant and different places and we are sure that if you give it a chance, you will surely be delighted and repeat until you see all its wonders.

In our case, we have visited Portugal several times and based on our experience and the future trips we have prepared, we have made a selection of what we believe are the 4 places to see in Portugal essential. We are listing down 4 things to do in Portugal.

1. Lisbon

Lisbon, the city of fado, the seven hills or the delicious pastries of Belem, is one of the cities to see in Portugal more essential, you’ll want to return from minute one.

One of our favorite places to visit in Lisbon is the neighborhood of Alfama, full of old and deteriorated houses, narrow streets, balconies with hanging clothes, neighborhood shops, and handicrafts, and where walking, you will find the true essence of the city.

After getting lost in Alfama you can enjoy the incredible views of Lisbon from the spectacular viewpoints scattered around the city, get on an old tram, get close to the Belem neighborhood, with its famous monastery, listen to fado in a neighborhood tavern or have a drink in the Barrio Alto or Chiado, among many other things to do in Lisbon .

A good option if it is your first time in the city is to book this guided tour in Spanish to better know its history and all its corners and also, not to miss anything.

For more information about this city, you can consult this post of advice to travel to Lisbon essential.

2. Algarve

The Algarve, located in the south of Portugal, stands out for its beaches and spectacular coves in a privileged natural environment that makes it an ideal place to spend a few days of vacation in a big way.

Its kilometer-long coastline hides sand beaches and turquoise waters, between cliffs of steep rock, which place them among the most beautiful in Europe such as Praia da Marinha, Praia de Dona Ana or Praia da Rocha.

Its old villages of white fishermen’s houses and narrow streets are ideal for tasting the fresh fish based cuisine and visiting the old town of Faro, the capital of the Algarve, getting lost in the village of Tavira, having a good time in the enchanting Lagos or seeing the sunset in Cabo de San Vicente, are other essentials of the Algarve .

The best way to get to the Algarve is by plane, taking into account that in high season there are direct flights from Barcelona and Madrid to Faro, or by car if you live in the south of Spain.

3. Guimaraes

On our trip to Oporto in 4 days, we made a little getaway to the beautiful medieval village of Guimaraes, known for being the “cradle of Portugal”. Its historic center surrounded by walls, declared a World Heritage Site, stands out for its cobbled streets such as Rua Santa María, its squares with tranquil terraces, its churches, palaces and typical buildings of Portuguese architecture.

Some of the essentials of the city are the Castle of Guimaraes, the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza, the Churches of Our Lady of Oliveira and the Consolation, the Plaza de Oliveira and the Penha Sanctuary by cable car with magnificent views from the city.

You can arrive by train to Guimaraes in one hour from the beautiful Sao Bento station in Porto or book this day trip with a guide in Spanish that also includes the historic city of Braga.

4. Madeira

Madeira, located to the west of the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean, is an island with unique vegetation and landscapes, as well as a pleasant climate that allows you to enjoy its beaches and coves throughout the year. Tremendously mountainous due to its volcanic origin, with some of the highest cliffs in Europe and laurel forests, a type of laurel forest almost extinct in Europe and which on this island are huge and leafy, Madeira is an island with an enormous number of landscapes that will delight all travelers.

Another feature of the island is its incredible hiking trails, where the levadas, ancient irrigation channels of the island, will serve as a guide so you do not get lost.

Madeira is just over 2 hours by plane from Spain and the best way to enjoy the island is to rent a car with which you feel free to stop at all the viewpoints to the sea and nature. Without any doubt, visiting Madeira is one of the best things to do in Portugal.

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