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4 Navy F-18 jets Land at Teterboro airport

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, the Hackensack Office of Emergency Management  reported that Monday October 29th, 2018 a flight of 4 Navy F-18 jets landed at Teterboro airport approximately 10:30 AM.

The aircraft followed the same approach pattern that all civil aircraft use when landing at the airport.Communities near Teterboro noticed a brief period of elevated jet noise as these aircraft approach to land at the airport.

Any inquiries can be directed to the Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement Office at (201) 393-0399 or at


5 thoughts on “4 Navy F-18 jets Land at Teterboro airport

  1. Getting ready to get rid of murphy?

  2. I hope that they are for our protection. When will be easy illegals come across the border. Fire back oh yeah!

  3. Pathetic comment above.

  4. Pathetic liberal above.

  5. Having worked in Hudson County after 9/11 the Air Force flew sorties daily over the Hudson River for several weeks. I wouldn’t mind if they did it every day and “warmed up” their guns every once in awhile.

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