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4810 Store Closing and its Only March

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, all signs point to a retail apocalypse , according to Coresight Research.already, 4,810 store closures have been announced by retailers in 2019. . And it’s only March. Last year, Coresight tracked 5,524 store closures, down more than 30 percent from a record 8,139 closures announced in 2017. Among those closing are the Gap, Victoria’s Secret, J.C. Penney, Tesla and Abercrombie & Fitch .

Internet retailer Amazon said this week it will shut all 87 of its pop-up shops inside Whole Foods, Kohl’s and malls across the country. But the company has vowed to invest more in its book stores and other bricks-and-mortar concepts, including its cashierless convenience store called Amazon Go.

6 thoughts on “4810 Store Closing and its Only March

  1. We need a big garage….

  2. There are more closing each day ,including the Italian
    specialty pizza restaurant on Franklin Ave corner location and its been there for over 10 years with a lot of Visability .

  3. let’s give rebates to those out of town visitors to justify
    mortgaging the towns futures for a slum drug dealing and unsafe raised garage built of filthy polluting ramps.

    A village expert stated during the valley proposal that
    raised Concrete garages are BEACONS ..ALWAYS LIT AND
    ALWAYS casting their blights onto the neighborhoods shadowing the area with their monstrosity of outofplace mega sizing and pollution and noise

  4. The rent is just too damn high. They are relying on restaurants to keep the CBD going. We are going to have a very big problem real soon if we have another recession people are not going to go out to eat as much. Instead of a few times a week you’ll be once a week and the restaurants will not be able to stay in business paying these higher rents. And the town will go into a ghost town like 20 years ago remember that everybody it was horrible. 50% of retail businesses are done. Only the specialty shops won’t stay in business secondhand clothes stores boutiques. All the big changes you can buy all that online delivered right to your house and sometimes tax-free and even on a Sunday how much more convenient can they be. Yes it is amazing it is convenient and yes it does hurt retail stores we will get it.

  5. so I guess town management will double down on Plan D

    D FOR DEVELOPERS Business Plan..soon to be their plan too

    Shame…Shame..this is not a viable plan for the taxpayers ..
    outside of moving truck plan M…Realtors have own plan to
    help the process along. called selling houses of boomers
    running away to not be last family standing for the collapse

  6. I’d love to be able to run. Taxes have more than quadrupled since we moved in. And they are probably going to quadruple again when the real cost of all this new garage, bridal staircase, etc
    comes home to roost. By that time all the deaf, blind, and ? will have lost their positions but that will never save Ridgewood. We will be paying for well more than 20 years for all this bonding and payment for it comes due. Maybe they can push back the interest payments for a few months but not forever. Ridgewood stores will have closed except for a few, street parking will have to be even higher to begin paying for the completely unnecessary garage and the bridal staircase. How much has Nancy come up with from her donations and her failure to get a state loan? I hope the people who give out loans feel a library in trouble is a better place to spend their money than a library who only wants it so she can have her bridal staircase.

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