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73% of Democrats Want ‘A Fresh Face’ As 2020 Nominee

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July 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are among those touted as serious Democratic presidential contenders in 2020, but three-out-of-four Democrats think their party needs to turn to someone new.

But according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 73% of Likely Democratic Voters believe their party should look for a fresh face to run for president in 2020. Just 16% disagree and think the party should promote a candidate who has already run in the past. Eleven percent (11%) are undecided.

By comparison, with Clinton seen as a shoo-in for the 2016 nomination, just 36% of Democrats were calling for a new face in that election, but an unusually high 21% were undecided.

Among all likely voters, 65% say Democrats should find a new face for 2020, while only 19% think it should go with someone who has run for the White House before. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

8 thoughts on “73% of Democrats Want ‘A Fresh Face’ As 2020 Nominee

  1. They will get Cory…!

  2. Who cares ! Trump will win If the country stays strong save and we have a greed economy he will win again. Have a nice day

  3. Nah, Corey Booker is far too moderate.

  4. Lets just cut the BS and change the Democrat party to the Communist party… stop wasting time going to Democrat-Sociaist then Socialist, then Communist.
    Lets just get it over with already and move on (to coin a phrase).

  5. Could not disagree with you more. The middle class including us Ridgewoodites are being hurt by Trump’s tax bill,for the rich. They are now looking to keep some aspects of the Affordable Health Care Act in place because of the upcoming huge rise in insurance premiums. Our environmental gains are being dismantled by a congress that has no checks and balances on it and a president who has no ideals to speak of and if you examined his private life a little more closely, he is a man so corrupt and void of moral values, you would not want to know him. He doesn’t pay his bills, doesn’t tip, goes bankrupt regularly while still living in the lapof luxury, cheats at golf and hits on his so called friend’s wives and girlfriends and brags about it. Oh, never had a pet ( thank hod for the pet) and his children hunt big game that exist in relative captivity,

  6. Trumps tax cuts only work for people with Jobs

  7. No, it’s only for giant corporations. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t work but I do know people who have been stiffed by him as recently as 3 years ago. Not a good man and definitely not an honest man.

  8. Wow, you people are not too bright, considering where you live.
    Any RW resident who cannot benefit from Trump’s tax cuts and other policies, either needs more education or needs to hire a good accountant/CFP (or they are candidates for RW’s upcoming low income housing).

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