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75% of pedestrian fatalities in 2016 occurred in the dark

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Wyckoff NJ, this was issued by the Wyckoff Police Department, but it applies to all of Bergen County. Three pedestrian fatalities on Bergen County roads in the span of seven days across the County serves as a reminder of the safety rules both pedestrians and drivers should follow. These numbers could rise as the days grow shorter heading into the fall/winter season. Federal statistics show that 75% of pedestrian fatalities in 2016 occurred in the dark.

Pedestrians who fail to obey signals and use crosswalks can receive a $54 fine. Drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk can be fined $200 and receive two points on their license

The Wyckoff Police would like to share some safety tips for drivers and pedestrians:
• Use sidewalks and pedestrian paths when possible. Otherwise, walk on the shoulder, facing traffic.
• Avoid distractions such as smartphones and other electronic devices.
• Never assume a driver sees you, and make eye contact as they approach.
• Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections when possible.
• Wear bright clothing that makes you visible to drivers, day and night.
• Avoid alcohol and drugs.
• Look for pedestrians everywhere.
• Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.
• Never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk.
• Be prepared to stop for pedestrians when turning at intersections.
• Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Stick to the speed limit and slow when pedestrians are present.
• Slow down where children may be present, such as school zones and neighborhoods.

7 thoughts on “75% of pedestrian fatalities in 2016 occurred in the dark

  1. I’d like to share some common sense also.
    The weight of the average American is measured in pounds.
    The weight of the average car is measured in tons.
    Who do you think gets injured in an accident?
    Be careful, keep your eyes open, pay attention, the crosswalk doesn’t insulate you from getting hit.

    If it could save one…

  3. On dark winter mornings and evenings ..Pedestians have to think of self safety habits ..Waving towards drivers pointing to where they are intending to moving into a crossing and if any doubts or additional hazards present ,
    Rain ,Fog or traffic congestion ..stay in place .your life might depend on it. People jaywalking on the deadmans
    curve up near the Pub on train square approach to Whole Foods should be taken into custody. Carlos bakery is not worth the price that you will pay with yours and families life.The drivers can’t see you entering a curve .get it?

  4. This is no Joke friends..

  5. Based on this important Study ..mid block crosswalks like
    the one in front of the driveway at Kings and the Library
    should be removed until a mid block permanent pedestrian triggered red light signal
    is installed.Dark hours and dusk are where danger increases as well as fog and rainy conditions .Children and elders are also particularly at risk at this mid block cross walk. Police largely ignore this dangerous condition outside their own building partly because they are in
    seated in patrol cars rather than on foot .A crossing guard in the meantime is needed there for dark winter period.

    repeating Lens study Link :

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