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A Culture of Bullying Reported at Ridgewood High School


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  sources tell the Ridgewood blog that in September 2018 a member of the Ridgewood Girls Varsity Tennis Team  posted a derogatory unsportsmanlike photo on social media of a Ramapo High School Girls  varsity tennis player . Despite complaints from Ramapo School representatives and parents , the Ridgewood High School administration has done nothing and according to sources  acted like nothing ever happened.

Many readers recall the events of last October and the fighting incident that took place at Stevens and Brookside fields .  At that time the Ridgewood blog asserted , “Ridgewood High School “ANTI BULLYING POLICY” was adapted in 2016 , it has very clear rolls for students , parents and staff, While the kids involved in the incident have gotten all the attention , the little public information that is available about the incident and what led up to the incident would lead anyone to suspect the Ridgewood High School anti bullying policy , despite years of finger wagging was not followed and it appears that not only were students documented to be in violation of the policy but clearly so were some staff and parents .”

In November of last year the Ridgewood blog asked , “So the question remains for the Ridgewood School System ; who knew ,when did they know and why did they not act? ”

A  lawsuit that broke last year , accuses Ridgewood Schools of a Cover up and Violating it’s Own “Cyber Bullying” and Social Media Policies.

A year later nothing has changed . Is Ridgewood breeding  a culture of bullying , or is the real policy ignore it and ope it goes away ?




11 thoughts on “A Culture of Bullying Reported at Ridgewood High School

  1. Bully starts with the parents. Which thrives in this community

  2. No boosters in tennis…

  3. Absolutely reckless reporting on the part of the Ridgewood Blog. You should be ashamed of yourself. Context is everything and the optics on this incident as presented in this article are completely misleading. This article is bullying to a degree so far beyond the original incident. Do your homework Ridgewood Blog. If this was my child, I’d be talking to a libel lawyer.

  4. This is an irresponsible, uninformed “gotcha” post. To say “Despite complaints from Ramapo School representatives and parents , the Ridgewood High School administration has done nothing and according to sources acted like nothing ever happened” – is TOTALLY inaccurate. RHS administrators at the highest levels have been actively involved and taken multiple actions aimed at mitigating this unfortunate incident. The girl who posted the photo has also been actively involved, including apologizing to the Ramapo tennis player. In addition, the entire RHS Varsity team has also been counseled at length on this issue by several members of the faculty. Finally, the Ramapo coach has played a nearly incendiary role of unnecessary escalation within the ranks of his own team and his players’ parents while simultaneously rebuffing multiple RHS efforts and apologies.

  5. most of them are on the council past and present

  6. Biggest bully is on the council.

  7. At least she didn’t Throw Ice.

  8. Yep, the big bully on the council is the short guy with the chrome dome

  9. It’s time that we, the Ridgewood community, come together and stop blaming everyone other than the bullies. “Okie”, how can you blame another town’s coach for bullying that was done by a Ridgewood High School tennis player? It sounds like you should be blaming the Ridgewood Tennis coach and player. “Unfortunate” is a weak way to characterize a derogatory bullying photo intentionally posted on social media. Why are our school and community leaders not stopping this from happening, year after year after year? Last year, a Ridgewood boy’s skull was fractured and a Ridgewood girl was publicly shamed and she was urged to commit suicide by other Ridgewood children. This has gone on for too long. Ridgewood should be better than this. This is not the Ridgewood I grew up in.

  10. more reckless than initiating, fanning and perpetuating unsubstantiated rumors of infidelity? I hope the lawyers are on retainer.

  11. nothing unsubstantiated at all

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