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>A sweetheart of a deal, but for whom; Village taxpayers or Wells Associates?

No rent payments over a 10 year occupancy period, but a promise to undertake “significant” building improvements/restorations to the Pease Library. That’s the deal being offered by Village Council members to Wells Associates – Architects.

What’s your opinion? Should the Village collect monthly rent and contract for the improvements/restorations itself, or should officials agree to the deal proposed by Wells Associates?

Let’s hear what all of you Anti Government Grumblers have to say!


9 thoughts on “>A sweetheart of a deal, but for whom; Village taxpayers or Wells Associates?

  1. >Social Services of Ridgewood, Ridgewood Taxi, and the families who live in the 2 Village Owned houses in Habernickel Park all pay rent to the Village. Why should Wells be any different?

  2. >The current downstairs tenant at Pease, Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch, also pays rent.

  3. >Jeff Wells is as honorable a man as you can find. His trach record proves it. He has given more of himself and his time than most anybody I know. As a person seriously interested in preserving Ridgewood’s history, I am fully confident that Wells Assocs. will give us a beautiful Pease Library. We should be very pleased to have a person of his talents and dedication interested in preserving this gem of a building.

  4. >just a yung much would it coast if we did the repairs,not all but sum we can do.

  5. >Jeff Wells is as honorable a man as you can find ,,,he must be to get free rent

  6. >Maybe he told Ten Hoeve part of the renovations would be installing a free bar for Village employees.

  7. >you said free its for me.

  8. >What are the details of these improvements? I want to see plans, sq. footage etc. I think a minimum sum should go along with all this, and audited annual records are a matter of course.

    I could rent for free and use my leftover paint and spackle from other jobs to make it look nicer. Give me 10 years, maybe I’ll redo some plaster etc. Can I sign up???

  9. >Since Pease is owned by the Village, Wells could undertake construction without any formal approval from either the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment.

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