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All Six Ridgewood Elementary Schools Make the Top 100 List In New Jersey for 2019

Travell School photo courtesy of Tarvin Realtors

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, recently released its ranking of the top elementary schools in the State of New Jersey . All six schools in Ridgewood School district made the list.

The 2019 Best Public Elementary Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, student-teacher ratio, student diversity, teacher quality, grade school ratings, and the overall quality of the school district.

The same methodology is used to produce the Overall Niche Grade for each ranked school as well as additional schools. Statistics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education represent the most recent data available, as self-reported by the schools. Niche also collects data directly from schools via our school data update form.

The rankings were as follows:

Travell (No. 23),

Hawes, (No. 28),

Orchard (No. 32),

Ridge (No. 35),

Somerville (No. 40) ,

Willard Elementary School was ranked No. 79.

8 thoughts on “All Six Ridgewood Elementary Schools Make the Top 100 List In New Jersey for 2019

  1. Congratulations to the elementary school teachers! They work really hard, they are wonderful

  2. You’ve come a long way, Travell Baby! How many short years ago were the local real estate agents using Travell’s perennial, inexplicably self-inflicted Reform Math stupor as a foil to persuade prospective new residents to purchase in the more expensive Willard district?

  3. Ha Ha.
    This list is inverted from the perception of the schools in the real estate market.

  4. How come Willard is so off compared to the other Ridgewood schools? What is wrong with it?

  5. Willard has been overrated for some time now.

  6. Wow the “prestigious” Willard School is way down at number 79.

  7. Willard is hyped by over competitive parents. The 5,000 realtors in town are responsible for perpetuating the lie.

    The elementary schools are all the same. The Willard kids are like all the others. Shocking!

  8. Travell succeeds in spite of it’s principal it seems.

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