January 12,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This is a society-wide phenomenon. An anti-Trump mania has millions in its grip. Just not enough millions to outnumber the people openly or secretly supporting him and (obviously) voting for him! An assistant dean of a county college was publicly busted ripping out a neighbor’s pro-Trump lawn signs prior to the general election in 2016, so lawless, biased anti-Trump behavior was never limited to people on the fringe of society. Seemingly well-balanced or respectable citizens who hate Trump can’t even control themselves according to age old law, much less modern political norms. Neither this pro-Trump commenter, nor most other fellow Trump supporters in northern New Jersey, could keep pro-Trump lawn signs unmolested in the grass for more than a few hours from late 2015, when Trump was beginning to dominate the field vying for the Republican nomination for president, straight through to the November 2016 general election. Clearly, freedom of speech, and of political association, have been de facto suspended in this country.