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Anonymous Email Threatens Hackensack Public School Employee Jobs

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, “Hundreds of Hackensack public school employees received an anonymous email on Saturday night clearly threatening their jobs, based on the outcome of tomorrow’s election. These employees are paraprofessionals — they work in the classroom as teacher aides and they are absolutely essential to our school district’s success. As BOE President, I want them to know that their jobs are absolutely safe no matter who wins. All of the candidates running on Tuesday are supporting the current school budget. There is no “state monitor” and no one’s job is at risk.

Since this dirty trick was obviously done to benefit Timothy Hoffman’s campaign and urges people to vote for his ticket, I am calling on him right now to denounce this blatant scare tactic, condemn this email and identify its source. It is absolutely shameful to scare these employees and their families. Only Tim Hoffman can clean this up right now.”

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