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Apple demolished by Microsoft at their respective PC events

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Published: Oct 29, 2016 3:50 p.m. ET

Who would have thought that at back-to-back hardware events in the year 2016, Microsoft Corp.’s would prove the much more innovative and exciting one over Apple Inc.? Times are a-changing.

On Wednesday, Microsoft MSFT, -0.38% unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update that includes 3D imaging tools; new virtual-reality headsets that can be used through a HoloLens platform on Windows PCs; live broadcasting for Xbox; a $2,999 enterprise-grade desktop called Surface Studio that essentially folds into a table-sized tablet; the Surface Dial, which is an input device for Surface products that lets users toggle between different menu items by twisting it like a doorknob; and the Surface Book i7.

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  1. Not MSFT–L.S./M.F.T.: Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. Round, firm, and fully packed!

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