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Aronsohn and Simincini Make the Murphy Transition team

November 22,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, both former Mayor Paul Aronsohn and Ron Simincini were selected for the Murphy transition team.
Aronsohn in Human and Children Services and Simincini in Housing .

Well Ridgewood you now know what you voted for . Murphy has made it abundantly clear that he intends to raise your taxes ,yes you . He is also aiming to pursue his social justice utopia with more forced over development .
Aronsohn may have rejuvenated his political career by failing upwards .

15 thoughts on “Aronsohn and Simincini Make the Murphy Transition team

  1. Time to sell your house in two more years oh boy

  2. Same people who voted for Aronsohn voted for Murphy. The best is that they will never admit it. Closet Liberals with no balls.

  3. As if there were no asinine appointments made by the Christie administration.

  4. The company you keep Phil.

  5. The liberal locusts out of Brooklyn/NYC/Hoboken strike again. They will not rest till they have turned the Village of Ridgewood into the same urban shthole that they escaped from.

  6. Brace yourself Ridgewood.
    Aronsohn will be gunning for RW to get his revenge and exact his pound of flesh.

  7. “As if there were no asinine appointments made by the Christie administration.”
    10:59 went to the school of “moral equivalency” and “divert and distract”…

  8. The new NJ motto coming soon. Look for it on your license plates

    Affordable Housing and Sanctuary State perfect together

  9. Sad day for Ridgewood and New Jersey

  10. Bend over

  11. Talk about failing upward

  12. Five hundred cronies were appointed to these committees. Not exactly a glamorous distinction.

  13. Slime and slimier

  14. 160 homes for sale in Ridgewood .

  15. Slime-oncini.

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