Aronsohn : Ridgewood Clearview Cinema

Clearview Cinema Warner Quad in Ridgewood selling out to Aronsohn!!

Against their own company directed guidelines of inappropriate advertising, Clearview is allowing Councilman Aronsohn, the Liaison to the Chamber, to advertise a political spot on their marquee.

When contacted Clearview Corporate said they would contact local theater about the violation.

It should also be noted that Village Code 190:122 is also in violation. Wonder if the sign police will be going after a sitting council member or just brushing it under the rug.

You would have thought Councilman Aronsohn would have checked with officials before doing something so stupid.

I want answers!!!!

Update : According to sources , ” I was told that the local manager made a mistake and the sign would be coming down; Paul will receive a full refund. The sign violates Clearview Cinemas’ policy against political signs. Honest mistake by the local manager.”