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Sheriffs have duty to protect communities from criminals living here illegally

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Trenton NJ, top officials in Attorney General Gurbir Grewal’s office issued letters attacking sheriffs for cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through the 287(g) Program, which allows designated state and local officers to work with ICE to identify incarcerated illegal immigrants with criminal charges or convictions.

Assemblyman Hal Wirths said the continued threat to county sheriffs, which includes Sussex County Sheriff Mike Strada, coupled with the AG’s immigrant trust directive is endangering the welfare of citizens.

“It’s completely outrageous that the Murphy administration continues to block law enforcement from protecting their own communities against illegal immigrants who have committed egregious crimes,” said Wirths (R-Sussex). “The sheriffs have a duty and right to stop rapists and murders living in New Jersey illegally from seeking asylum in their towns. It’s time our attorney general starts protecting law-abiding citizens.”

Under the program criticized by the AG, gang members, sex offenders, and murderers are taken into ICE custody after serving their criminal sentences. According to ICE, the program allows them to actively engage criminal illegal immigrants while incarcerated in a secure and controlled environment as opposed to the alternative of conducting at-large arrests which can pose safety concerns for the officers and community.

6 thoughts on “Sheriffs have duty to protect communities from criminals living here illegally

  1. The office of “sheriff” predates the NJ AND the US constitutions. They have authority and corresponding responsibilities in certan areas of governmental life that state and federal authorities are bound to respect and thus can’t trample underfoot.

  2. It is a shame that America is becoming a disgrace. These people are running away from their Countries because they are bad Countries. But they are coming to America to change our way to the way of the Country they ran away from. No illegal immigrant should have a say in America and if the break the law, send them back to their Countries.

  3. No immigrant shall come to the USA illegally. If they want to come here, then fine. But do so LEGALLY! If they are found to be here illegally, then they should be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY for having committed a crime! Wake up politicians!

  4. Wake up voters who put this idiots in office.

  5. We are headed towards disaster as a state and maybe as a country too. If the governor and attorney general in NJ do not respect the federal law and actually strongly speak against it then we have a lawless state. If I personally broke a law I would be arrested and taken to court. Why are these 2 individuals above the law and nobody says anything about them? As per voting them into office I do not understand who voted for them. Local FB pages show an average of 80-90% of posters speaking against them. Who voted for them??? Maybe it was just the large cities where the bulk of people live?!

  6. Your comments are racist and reprehensible. Perhaps your grandparents or a loved one immigrated here without papers. Grow up, the US has been built by successive waves of immigrants, both legal and illegal, and it always WILL BE. You don’t get to pull up the drawbridge and say “no mas.” Suffer in your racist squalor, you deserve it. .

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