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Recommended Sewer and Drain Contractor in NJ

If you ever want service for any sewer or drain problems, I highly recommend this local company to work with.  They are reliable, reasonable and very professional that handled my sewer repair in a very nice manner with patience, like the old school way.

Their name is A1 Sewer and Drain.  They showed up on time, […]

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Local kitchen cabinet repair NJ – kitchen cabinet services NJ 201-458-0455

A kitchen cabinet repairman for minor kitchen repairs in NJ is rare to find.  Most companies will not even show up for minor repairs like adjustments to doors, fix shelving or door  handle replacements, as they want only the bigger kitchen replacement and kitchen installations jobs.

I found this local Engelwood company that did minor adjustments and fixed […]

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If You are Ever in Need of Good Plumber Save this Number 201-786-2538

A good plumber is rare to find.  They come and go in their own time, come up with crazy prices sometimes and who knows what else.  If you ever need a good plumber; an honest old fashioned american plumber call John DeGrace.  201-786-2538 He will take care of you well.

His website is:





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Septic Tank Replacement NJ – Experienced Local NJ Contractors

Old septic tanks eventually wear down from corrosion and other problems, and will need to be removed and replaced by a certified sewer service contractor. At A1 Drain & Sewer  Services NJ, we provide septic tank replacement in NJ for homeowners and businesses in rural and suburban areas, who depend on a septic system for reliable […]

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A 100-Foot Tall Geyser Near UCNJ: What Happens When A Corroded Municipal Water Line Isn’t Replaced – NJ Plumbers

 Need expert contractors for municipal water line repair in New Jersey?
Call us today at A1 Sewer & Drain Services for a FREE quote: 201-645-0888.
The city of Los Angeles, California has long had problems with corroded and deteriorating municipal water supply lines. Budgetary concerns and other obstracles have prevented much-needed water line repair and […]

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A Burst Water Main in Hoboken NJ Caused A Massive Sinkhole

Just a few months ago, a water main burst at an intersection in Hoboken, NJ. The 12” pipe burst around 6 AM on March 15th, creating a sinkhole that swallowed at least one vehicle. During urgent repairs, nearby residents experienced lowered water pressure and other issues as utility workers rushed to repair the line. The […]

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Prevent Basement Flooding & Standing Water with Sump Pump Installation in NJ

Need sump pump installation in NJ? Call us today at A1 Sewer Service NJ
for same-day sump pump services: 201-645-0888
Flooding and standing water in your basement or crawlspace is nothing but trouble. If your basement isn’t dry, moisture can damage your foundation, wooden structural elements, and more. It also promotes mold growth, which can compromise your […]

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Bathroom Plumbing for Basement Renovation in NJ

Need an experienced, certified NJ plumber for basement renovation plumbing in NJ? Call us today at A1 Sewer & Drain Services:
Many homes in New Jersey are built with a basement, which may or may not have been converted yet into useable living space. A finished basement is a great way to add hundreds of square […]

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Septic System Maintenance & Septic System Repair in NJ

Septic systems are an efficient, self-contained wastewater treatment option for properties in New Jersey that do not have access to a nearby city sewer main. In rural and semi-rural areas with large lots and houses spaced relatively far apart, on-site septic systems are often more economical than using a centralized public sewer and wastewater processing […]

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6 Ecofriendly Countertops for Sustainable Kitchen Design

For unique, sustainable kitchen design in NJ or NYC, call us today at All 1 Kitchen: 201-731-5146
When you’re planning for kitchen renovation in New Jersey or NYC, choosing sustainable building materials is a great way to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid contributing to industries that cause environmental problems. Choosing kitchen countertops is […]

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