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Residents ask Ridgewood Planning Board to rescind vote on H-Zone

Residents ask Ridgewood Planning Board to rescind vote on H-Zone

THURSDAY APRIL 26, 2012, 4:31 PM

Though several months have passed since the Ridgewood governing body put a halt to any Valley Hospital expansion plans, the thought of another “Renewal” still looms in the minds of some residents.

Nearly one dozen residents lobbied Ridgewood Planning Board members last week, asking them to rescind the hospital zone (H-Zone) amendment to Ridgewood’s master plan that was approved nearly two years ago. The amendment set certain guidelines and parameters that were considered favorable to the hospital’s $750 million expansion project.

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State Senator Kevin O’Toole : Help Fight NYC’s Proposed Commuter Tax

April 26, 2012
Help Fight NYC’s Proposed Commuter Tax

Dear Friend,

Recently there have been news reports that the Manhattan Boro President, Scott Stringer, has made statements that he wants to re-institute a “Commuter Tax” on anyone who works in New York City, but does not reside in New York City.

When I learned of this, I and my Republican colleagues on the Senate Budget Committee sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg expressing our outrage that this idea was even being discussed. The unfair impact this tax would have on New Jersey residents is something that I felt could not go unaddressed.

Since then, Boro President Stringer and I have exchanged letters where he has attempted to justify this tax, syaing that it was perfectly reasonable to impose an additional tax on 301,702 New Jerseyans who work in New York City.

The income tax on commuters that Mr. Stringer is proposing would be 0.45% annually on anyone who works in Manhattan but resides elsewhere. This commuter tax on non-New York City residents would generate $725 million annually.

Mr. Stringer claims that the intention of this additional tax would be to dedicate that revenue to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Mr. Stringer believes that the MTA needs an additional “consistent stream of revenue.” As I pointed out to Mr. Stringer, it is not the responsibility of the 129,262 residents of Essex, Bergen, Passaic and Morris Counties who work in New York City to additionally fund the MTA to make up for decades of mismanagement at the New York based Authority.

I can assure you, as I did Mr. Stringer, that if talk of this commuter tax continues, I will be the loudest opponent of it. As I continue to fight to lower the tax burden on New Jersey residents, I will not idly stand by and allow the government of New York to take more money out of our pockets to solve their financial issues.

I encourage all of you to reach out to Boro President Scott Stringer via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 212-669-8300 and express your concerns over this ill conceived plan of his.

As this continues to develop, I will send periodic updates.

Kevin O’Toole

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Poll: Gov’t favorability at 15-year low

Poll: Gov’t favorability at 15-year low

By TIM MAK | 4/26/12 4:27 PM EDT

A decade ago, Americans felt similarly about their local, state and federal governments. No longer.

Today, just one in three has a favorable view of the federal government — the lowest level in 15 years, according to a Pew survey. The majority of Americans remain satisfied with their local and state governments — 61 percent and 52 percent, respectively — but only 33 percent feel likewise about the federal government.

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Truck loses tire on Route 17 northbound Ridgewood – No injuries reported

Photo By Boyd Loving

Truck loses tire on Route 17 northbound Ridgewood – No injuries reported  
Boyd A. Loving

(RIDGEWOOD-NJ) Shortly after 2:15 PM this afternoon, a dump truck loaded with material lost a set of rear tires on Route 17 northbound in Ridgewood.  No one was injured in the mishap, however Ridgewood FD personnel responded due to an associated fluid spill.  Personnel responded from the following agencies:  Ridgewood PD, Ridgewood FD, and Bergen County PD.  The truck was removed from the scene by a heavy duty wrecker following off loading of its contents on the property owned by David Ward.

Photos By Boyd Loving

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Fourth of July Celebration Announces Tax Deductible Status

Fourth of July Celebration Announces Tax Deductible Status


The Ridgewood Fourth of July Celebration, Inc. is now a 501(c) 3 organization.

Therefore your gift is 100% tax deductible. We will send you the approximate

acknowledgment letter for your tax purposes. If your company has a matching gift

program, your gift can be doubled.


Our Committee is pleased to announce that it will sponsor our 102nd celebration on

Wed., July 4, 2012. The theme of this year’s observation is “Born in New Jersey.”


Our theme, “Born in New Jersey”, is meant to include:

1. Famous people born here (but not limited to Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra)

2. Things invented here (for example, Edison’s light bulb)

3. Events that occurred here that gave new direction to our country (Washington

Crossing the Delaware, Morristown encampment)


The Ridgewood Fourth of July Celebration began in 1910 when the local papers, the

civic section of the Woman’s Club and the Ridgewood Fire Department joined forces to

create a “safe and sane” holiday with an emphasis on Patriotism. It has grown into one

of the largest celebrations in the New York City area and has been featured on CNN and

Good Morning America as well as local New York stations. The celebration was once

again named Best Parade and Fireworks by the readers of 201 Magazine.


Thanks to the dedication of citizens like you, our celebration continues to bring

patriotism and pride to Ridgewood. We are currently in the planning stages for what

we know will be a spectacular celebration, and it is vital that we have community

involvement. Because of generous support from the community, we have one of the

best small town July 4th celebrations, and if every family that enjoys the celebration

contributed just $10, the day’s expenses would be covered. Donations may be made

online at or by mailing your check to P.O. Box 140,

Ridgewood, NJ 07451.


The Ridgewood Fourth of July Celebration is organized by an all-volunteer

community group. All aspects of the Celebration including fireworks, bands, evening

performers, insurance, extra police and fire personnel, are funded by voluntary

participation from businesses and individuals as well as the sale of tickets to our


fireworks show. The Committee is not part of the Village of Ridgewood government and

receives no direct funding from the Village.


Additional information and answers to many of your questions can be found on the

Ridgewood Fourth of July Celebration’s website at Please

join with the Committee as we once again “Support the Tradition!”

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Village Council Elections: Aronsohn the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

Photo by Boyd Loving

Village Council Elections: Aronsohn the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

It is obvious the Former Village Fire Department Director Jim Bombace is the one posting the viscous attacks on the Mayor. He fails to disclose that he earns in excess of $100,000 in pension for his years of service. He has been on a vendetta since he wrongly believed he was shorted a few bucks per month on his pension. His new role is Paul Aronsohn’s lap dog.

Aronsohn’s tactic is to deflect attention away for his disgusting ways by changing the subject. Let’s stick to the important issue here. Aronsohn needs to be voted off the Council so that Ridgewood can once again free itself of political hacks and outside influence. People who have run and served on the Council have always been nonpartisan and done the right thing for the Village.

Aronsohn wants to bring all of his “cronies” into paid Village positions and reward all of the unions with huge raises and a multitude of perks all at Ridgewood taxpayers expense. Just remember the last Council member of the same ilk… Jane Reilly and her Village Hall project disaster and her failed attempt at a run for Freeloader. By all accounts the very worst Mayor that Ridgewood has ever seen. Aronsohn could be next in line to become the “jimmy Carter of Ridgewood”

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Ridgewood May Street Fair – Sunday, May 6th

Ridgewood May Street Fair – Sunday, May 6th

Sunday, May 6th from 12 Noon to 5PM, the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce will sponsor an Arts and Crafts Street Fair on East Ridgewood Avenue starting at Maple Avenue and ending at Oak Street – Rain or Shine. Lots of activities for children and families. Enjoy the CRAFTS, MUSIC and FOOD!!!

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State puts together $55 million fund for CHP and fuel cells

State puts together $55 million fund for CHP and fuel cells

The state is looking to hand out up to $55 million in grants to encourage the building of combined heat and power systems and fuel cells to help business and industrial customers drive down their energy costs.

The program, a top priority of the Christie administration’s Energy Master Plan, is soliciting applications through June 25, 2012. It is being overseen by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the state Board of Public Utilities. Up to $20 million will be allocated in the first award.  (Johnson, NJ Spotlight)

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The Ridgewood Public Schools will solicit user feedback on the district’s new student information system in its annual parent/guardian survey this May.This year’s survey focuses on the single topic of the Skyward Family Access software system.

The brief, seven-question survey is targeted for e-mail distribution on Monday, May 7. All parents and guardians with e-mail addresses on file with the school district will be sent a separate survey link for every school their children currently attend. Parents and guardians will have until Friday, May 18, to complete the surveys. All responses and comments are completely anonymous. A dedicated e-mail address has been set up to take questions or concerns at [email protected]

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Will Christie conditionally veto the health insurance exchange bill?

Will Christie conditionally veto the health insurance exchange bill?

Gov. Chris Christie has until May 10 to either sign or veto a bill that creates a New Jersey health insurance exchange, the online marketplace where New Jerseyans will buy federally subsidized health plans in 2014, when the Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to get coverage.

But the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of the ACA in June, and a ruling that strikes down all or part of the law could scuttle the state-run exchanges. Some Trenton insiders think Christie will conditionally veto the exchange bill, thus tossing it back to the legislature for revision and another vote — and allowing the governor to postpone his decision until after the Supreme Court rules.  (Fitzgerald, NJ Spotlight)