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Business groups pan entrepreneur’s tax ie…millionaire’s tax, see hope for tax cut compromise

Business groups pan entrepreneur’s tax  ie…millionaire’s tax, see hope for tax cut compromise

Business advocates had equally strong reactions to two tax proposals from Democratic legislators that emerged on Thursday: in favor of tax cuts and opposed to a millionaire’s tax.

Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald (D-Voorhees) said there would be an Assembly proposal to set aside $183 million for property tax cuts, although they would depend on the state meeting administration revenue projections. A Senate Democratic spokesman said the Senate would also make tax cuts dependent on reaching revenue goals.  (Kitchenman, NJBIZ)

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Trenton continues practice of skimming hundreds of millions of dollars in utility taxes

Trenton continues practice of skimming hundreds of millions of dollars in utility taxes

It is once again looking like it’s “wait ‘til next year” for New Jersey’s mayors.

The budget deal hashed out by Democratic-controlled legislators last week will continue the practice of skimming hundreds of millions of dollars in utility taxes supposed to help municipalities provide tax relief will be used to balance the annual spending plan.

The move angered local officials who had made a big push to end the practice, or at the very least, take less during legislative hearings on the Christie administration’s proposed budget for next year, which begins July 1.  (Johnson, NJ Spotlight)

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Google reports ‘alarming’ rise in censorship by governments

Google reports ‘alarming’ rise in censorship by governments

Search engine company has said there has been a troubling increase in requests to remove political content from the internet

There has been an alarming rise in the number of times governments attempted to censor the internet in last six months, according to a report from Google.

Since the search engine last published its bi-annual transparency report, it said it had seen a troubling increase in requests to remove political content. Many of these requests came from western democracies not typically associated with censorship.

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Children’s book tells tale of ‘Mr. Lester’s Farm’

Children’s book tells tale of ‘Mr. Lester’s Farm’

FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012

Behind The Stable on North Maple Avenue, beside the Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, there was once an aging headstone.

It wasn’t for a mother, father, daughter or son.

It was for a dog whose name – Friskie – was spelled out in pebbles pushed into the stone’s drying cement.

While the headstone may not be visible today, likely buried in the dirt after years of disturbance from construction and flooding, it was once a piece of Ridgewood history. According to a former Ridgewood resident who wrote a new book on The Stable’s history, Friskie used to belong to the man who owned the last working farm in Ridgewood – as well as the stable that eventually became the town’s community center.

This and other facts about The Stable’s more than 100-year-old history are explained and revealed in “Mr. Lester’s Farm,” a 32-page children’s book written by Joe Grasso.

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BCRO runoff election between Rottino and Yudin; McCann out

BCRO runoff election between Rottino and Yudin; McCann out

There will be a runoff election for BCRO chairman next Thursday in Bergen County after an inconclusive result tonight.

Cresskill attorney John McCann is out.

McCann received 198 (26.43%) votes, Anthony Rottino received 268 (35.78%) votes, and Bob Yudin got 283 (37.78%) votes.  (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

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Significant acceleration of revenue needed to hit targets , no the problem is state spending

Significant acceleration of revenue needed to hit targets , no the problem is state spending
June 17,2012
James Foytlin aka PJ Blogger

Ridgewood NJ , The Office of Legislative Services released its May Revenue Snapshot on Friday, which reiterates that revenues for the current fiscal year are likely to come in well below even revised administration projections.

Lingering economic uncertainty, has led tax collections in the state to falll short of the Christie administration’s estimates for the third straight month, according to figures released Friday by the Treasury Department.The state taxx collections brought in a whopping $2.02 billion in May yet it was still short $36.4 million from Treasury Department estimates that had recently been revised downward only three weeks ago.

According to the Office of Legislative Services “Through the end of May, most major tax revenues have grown at rates below those necessary to achieve the Executive’s revised year end targets,” the report said. “To meet those targets, a significant acceleration of growth rates for a number of taxes will be required in the remaining weeks of the fiscal year.”

The report said Gross Income Tax receipts must grow at lest 4.3 percent in the remaining two weeks of the fiscal year in order to hit revised projections. While sales tax receipts are up 2.6 percent over the same period last year, May receipts are off 2.7 percent. To reach the projected 3.6 percent growth, collections must grow 8.3 percent in the remaining weeks of the fiscal year, or more than three times the current year to date growth rate.

Corporate Business Tax collections are up 1.8% so far this fiscal year. The administration did not revise its 2012 estimate, which represents 3.9% growth for the entire fiscal year. The CBT will have to grow by about 15% in June to reach the year end target.

While tax revenues remain significant they are not enough to cover current budget expenses and Christie like his big spending predators has resorted to the strategy of robbing Paul to pay Peter pulling moneys earmarked for certain government liabilities to cover current operating expenses.

New Jersey tax payers are still one of the most overtaxed residents in the USA ,while New Jersey still boasts one of the most over manned ,expensive and inefficient government bureaucracy’s in the US.

Rated near the bottom in business climate for years perhaps it is time to seriously look at streamlining regulations and eliminating governmental overlap.

The National Association of State Budget Officers report released last Wednesday showed Christie has proposed the largest increase in spending among the 50 states in 2013. Christie has called for a 7.2 percent spending increase for the 2013 fiscal year, while the average spending increase recommendation is 2.2 percent.

There are huge redundancy’s at the state ,county and local level and simply to many layers of bureaucracy and taxes a far to high for the state to be competitive . perhaps its time to cut spending and look to shrink the scope of government intervention in the economy .

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3 Day Ridgewood Summer The Quizbowl Invitational: July 6-8, Ridgewood, NJ


3 Day Ridgewood Summer Invitational: July 6-8, Ridgewood, NJ
by nationalhistorybeeandbowl » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:13 am

Hi Everyone,
I’m pleased to announce that Ridgewood High School will be hosting the Ridgewood Summer Open on July 6-8 at Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, NJ. These tournaments are open to everyone from middle school to those long since graduated from college. Ridgewood High School has generously given us the run of the place from Friday afternoon through (likely) Sunday afternoon to host copious amounts of quizbowl. Here’s a current tentative plan, subject to change pending interest:

Friday afternoon/evening (beginning around 5pm or so) –
Open packet submission tournament, if there is enough interest (i.e. make your own teams – no need to limit yourself to who was/is on your high school or college team). Please power mark the set, and write to an HSNCT level of difficulty. Keep tossups to 525 characters or less, please, including spaces. Distribution is:
4/4 Lit (1 US, 1 European, 1 non Western, 1 your choice)
4/4 Science (1 Bio, 1 Chem, 1 Physics, 1 something else)
4/4 History (1 US, 1 Modern or High Medieval European [1000<], 1 non Western, 1 ancient defined as until 1000 CE anywhere)
1/1 Geography
1/1 Current Events
1/1 Other Social Science (psych, anthro, soc, etc.)
2/2 Religion, Myth, Philosophy
1/1 Art (including performing arts)
1/1 Music
1/1 Trash
1/1 Your Choice of 1 Lit, Science, or History

Saturday (beginning around 10am or so; lasting until about 7-8pm) – edited for clarity @ 2:55pm on 6/14
Mirror of ATTACK (i.e. the set Adam Silverman wrote) – teams solely by high school affiliation, including for those long and not so long since graduated (with the exception of current HS coaches who can play with their team members!). There will be some sort of divisional classification so as not to frighten the children. If there is interest from teams who would like to come to this, but who have heard ATTACK, let me know, and I will likely be able to get my hands on an additional set.

Sunday (beginning around 10am or so; lasting until about 6-7pm) – edited for clarity @ 2:55pm on 6/14
Ridgewood Summer Set – this is being written as we speak. I will edit everything non-science. If anyone would like to help with science editing, please let me know. This set will be power marked and be of moderate high school difficulty. Teams will be done by high school and/or college affiliation; graduating seniors can play with either their high school or college. Those who are beyond graduating senior in age, though, have to play with their college affiliation (either undergrad or grad). The college division can also have teams that consist of alumni, however, these would be classified under a different set of teams from all undergrad. Provided there is enough interest to run a college division here, I will edit the version of the set that division uses to be somewhat more difficult.
Rough Distribution for this (will have exact by June 25, but this is an RMP/Fine Arts heavy set, given the tastes of Ridgewood QB)
4/4 Lit
4/4 History
4/4 Science
3/3 Fine Arts
1/1 Social Science
2.5/2.5 RMP
1.5/1.5 Geo,Trash,Current Events

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Advocates concerned about potential problems, fraud with Obama’s new deportation policy

Advocates concerned about potential problems, fraud with Obama’s new deportation policy
Published: Sunday, June 17, 2012, 7:00 AM
By Stephen Stirling/The Star-Ledger

David Nachman is swamped.The immigration law attorney called his Ridgewood office to check next week’s schedule, only hours after President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to ease immigration laws for undocumented youth Friday.

“I’m booked solid,” he said. “Every single day, I don’t have anything left.”

Obama’s announcement that he would cease deportation prosecutions against an estimated 1.4 million young undocumented immigrants and offer them temporary work permits has sent state attorneys and service groups scrambling to understand its implications. Meanwhile, they’re bracing for a deluge of state residents without Social Security cards, desperate for any form of legitimacy.

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L.A. teachers approve deal that reduces pay, shortens school year

L.A. teachers approve deal that reduces pay, shortens school year
June 16, 2012 | 8:06 pm

Members of United Teachers Los Angeles have approved a one-year labor contract that would shorten the school year and reduce pay in exchange for the preservation of more than 4,000 jobs, the union announced Saturday.

The vote tally was 58% in favor of the contract and 42% opposed. Roughly two-thirds of all union members cast ballots. UTLA represents nurses, librarians, counselors, psychologists and psychiatric social workers in addition to classroom instructors.

The school board approved the one-year pact last Tuesday. Under the agreement, teachers would forfeit up to 10 days of pay and the 2012-13 school year could be reduced from 180 days to 175. It would be the fourth straight academic year shortened because of budget cutbacks. More than 1,300 UTLA members still would lose their jobs because of declining enrollment, reduced state and federal funding and program cuts.

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Reauthorize and Reform the Flood Insurance Program

Ridgewood PD forced to park on the top of Maple do to flooding at the Village Hall

Reauthorize and Reform the Flood Insurance Program
By David John
June 11, 2012

Congress should reauthorize and reform the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The failure of Congress to pass a longer term reauthorization since the last one expired in September 2008 has delayed necessary reforms. In addition, since there are no private providers of general flood insurance coverage in the United States, all such policies come through the NFIP. The lack of reauthorization is increasing risk to both flood-prone properties and the NFIP itself.

One of the goals of the pending reauthorization is to ensure that all owners pay the appropriate actuarial premium rather than subsidized rates. This would be a first step toward encouraging private insurance companies to enter the market and would set the stage for an eventual move of the entire program to the private sector.