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Battle of the Brats : Teen suing parents rages at ‘spoiled’ baby boomers


Battle of the Brats : Teen suing parents rages at ‘spoiled’ baby boomers
By Alex Dickinson, Tara Palmeri and Jeane MacIntosh
March 7, 2014 | 9:01am

The New Jersey parents being sued for tuition by their entitled teenager were excoriated in a Friday rant on her new Facebook page as “spoiled” baby boomers who would rather feather a retirement nest than pay their kids’ college bills.

“I have been stunned by the financial greed of modern parents who are more concerned with retiring into some fantasy world rather than provide for their children’s college and young adult years,” a poster — presumed to be Morris Catholic HS senior Rachel Canning or a supporter — wrote in the pre-dawn web screed.

“Suburban baby boomer types are the spoiled lot, they make massive amount of money a year, they are used to flying to luxury destinations when they want, and buy things that they don’t need, people should be inclined to see things my way.”

7 thoughts on “Battle of the Brats : Teen suing parents rages at ‘spoiled’ baby boomers

  1. Traditional moral values taught to her by Morris Catholic High School?

  2. Do not forget the close family friend who is a asshole lawyer that brought the law suit.

  3. Is she going to declare the legal fees as taxable income if it’s not paid off?

  4. I have only one wish. That this girl has her own children.

  5. I wonder if her parents ordered lunches delivered to her at school everyday so she didn’t have to eat yucky school lunches like everyone else!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  6. they deserve each other

  7. How can a person demanding money call others (who earn money) “spoiled?” She is selfish and can’t see beyond what she wants. She is a little slow to mature but one day she will be embarrassed by what she did.

    Someone look into the motives of the man who is backing/manipulating her. Why would he get involved in a family dispute? As a lawyer he should be looking into mediation not a lawsuit. But the lawyer in him just makes everything worse.

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