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Bergen County Becomes the first County in the State of New Jersey to adopt a $15 minimum wage


November 24,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco , “This afternoon I was joined by my colleagues on the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders, along with representatives from USUW 755, USUW 655, and the Executive Director of New Jersey Working Families Analilia Mejia, to announce and sign Executive Order No. 2017-01, officially making Bergen County the first county in the state of New Jersey to adopt a $15 minimum wage for its full time county workers.

Good people are essential to good government, and good managers understand that their employees need to be valued. County employees who put in 40 hours or more every week, in service to their friends and neighbors throughout Bergen County, deserve and have earned a $15 minimum wage. It is important to me that we do this for our workers in time for holidays.”

While the reality is most employers cannot simply raise prices to cover the higher minimum wage, particularly in the competitive services sector. … But a preponderance of evidence has shown that there are no positive effects on employment of low-skilled workers that offset the negative effects from an increase in the minimum wage.

Look for more automation , layoffs , business closings ,less full time work and even less opportunities for starter jobs in Bergen county.

8 thoughts on “Bergen County Becomes the first County in the State of New Jersey to adopt a $15 minimum wage

  1. Executive Order.
    Bypass governmental Checks and Balances and the will of the people.
    the perfect vehicle to implement socialism.

  2. ” most employers cannot simply raise prices to cover the higher minimum wage, particularly in the competitive services sector”. True. But government agencies can cheerfully raise taxes and tell the folks it’s for their own good.

    Minimum wages have been most strongly advocated by unions to reduce competition from non-union workers and, historically by Jim Crow and apartheid governments to reduce hiring of minorities.

  3. Good for them but as noted something has to give….folks will lose their jobs or when they retire they won’t be replaced.

  4. I’m sure we’ll see a commensurate increase in efficiency and production from these county workers…

  5. This is just a big F U to the county taxpayers.
    But you get what you pay (vote) for….

  6. Not every job is a career. If you want more money, get a skill.
    It’s interesting that the Democrats use this crap to buy votes, but there will be fewer jobs as a result.
    I find it very interesting that the Democrats use this issue to grandstand , but ignore the facts of how one of their own takes advantage of skilled workers. And it’s never reported in the media.
    Maybe this blog can out it out there and get credit for exposing this abuse.
    Dan Wolf owns Cape Air, a small regional airline that serves the northeast, the south, and Guam. They receive government subsidies for “essential air service ” to small communities in upstate NY. Cape air receives some of the highest RPMSM (revenue passenger seat miles ) in the industry. It costs more to fly from Boston to Nantucket in their ancient 9 passenger Cessna 402C than from NY to fla . In order to to work for Cape Air, the pilot/captain must have an ATP (airline transport pilot rating) which requires 1500 hours to even take th test. This requires YEARs of experience to obtain and easily $75-100,000 of training. According to the cape air website, (as of last month) the starting pay is $16.17 per hour. It’s a disgrace that this company takes advantage of skilled pilots who seek to build time and experience so they can get a better paying job with an airline that cares about their employees. Oh, and I must mention, Dan Wolf has been a Massachusetts State Senator for years. Perhaps he decided not to run again since this would be an issue. So the democrats are comfortable with paying no brain no skill fast food workers the same as their fellow democrat pays skilled pilots.

  7. What a disgraceful use of a taxpayer supported political stance. Sure, everyone wishes better pay for all. Thanks to this type of thievery of robbing Peter to pay Paul makes virtually all the private unskilled jobs that much less attractive. Hard to believe that these freeholders can just dip into the taxpayer base like this. Why not make it $50-$75 /hr? Maybe the freeholders could kick in their salaries minus $15/hr to help offset what is more than likely a huge arbitrary increase in the county tax bill.

  8. Crazy. All about getting votes.

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