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Bergen County Cooling Centers to Remain Open This Weekend to Address Heat Index

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Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco has announced that several drop-in cooling centers throughout the county will remain open this weekend to help residents stay cool during the current heat wave.

It is recommended that residents stay indoors if possible from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. when the sun is at its strongest and burns and heat strokes are more likely to occur. All age groups are at risk for heat stroke so please take necessary precautions if you have to be outdoors, including wearing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and staying properly hydrated.

It is NOT okay to leave a child or pet in a locked vehicle even for a moment as temperatures can rise quite quickly. It is also imperative to lock all parked vehicles so children cannot accidentally lock themselves inside while playing games like hide and seek.

Also, Lyft is offering free rides to cooling centers. In New Jersey, anyone looking to access the free rides can use code NJCOOL10. Codes are valid for two rides up to $15 each from now until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

There are several designated cooling centers open throughout the county. Additionally, public libraries, shopping centers, recreation and senior centers can also provide respite from the high temperatures.

Bergen County has established several regional cooling centers:

County Administration Building — 10am – 5pm
One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, 1st Floor (201) 336-7300

Northwest Bergen Senior Activity Center – 10am – 5pm
46-50 Center Street, Midland Park, NJ (201) 445-5690

Southwest Bergen Senior Activity Center – 10am – 5pm
147 Hackensack Street, East Rutherford, NJ (201) 935-8920

Bergenfield Senior Center – 10am – 5pm
293 Murray Hill Terrace, Bergenfield, NJ (201) 387-7212

4 thoughts on “Bergen County Cooling Centers to Remain Open This Weekend to Address Heat Index

  1. The Schedler land could have been a cooling center if the trees had been left to stand. Hey, in my backyard I have tons of trees along the perimeter of the backyard, and that is my cooling center folks!! I don’t need air conditioning; but ya know what go ahead and destroy mother nature’s health giving environment. And there WILL be Power Failures as more trees are cut down and there is more concrete to reflect heat and more people who use electricity and power grids are overwhelmed. Shame on Knudsen and the rest of counsel for taking away trees and greenery at the train station. I remember Knudsen several years back saying “a former planning board member suggested chopping down trees and cutting away the islands at the train station. But she had no opinion. She was lying. She knew right then that ‘off with its head,” so to speak, the beauty and health giving benefits of the train station islands and greenery and trees would be gone; as with Schedler.

    Oh God, I pray that the majority of humans who destroy the beautiful home that you have given us, and that the first astronauts who saw the earth from the moon and recognized the earth’s beauty and fragility, may their message be obeyed. Oh God I pray that humans do not destroy the home that you have given us. But come to truly appreciate what you have given us and recognize that church buildings mean nothing. The oceans and woods and air and water and greenery and sky , that is my church oh Lord. The church and home that you, Lord, have given us. May it last for eternity.

  2. And where is the village of Ridgewood Cooling Center.

  3. Speaking of Siedler property. Is that true that they’re going to remove all the dirt that is at the site. Supposedly contamination is that true or false.

  4. The inside of a supermarket bag is not necessarily recommended.

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