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Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Releases, “Phone Scam Cheat Sheet “

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office reminds you to be careful giving out information over the phone . The Ridgewood blog has received numerous emails from readers and alerts from many law enforcement agencies on phone scams . Phone scams have become an epidemic .

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office asks, Have you received one of these calls lately?

Are you cautious when answering the #phone when an unknown number is calling?

#BCPONJ wants to make sure you know that there are lots of scams to lookout for. Your best protection is screening your calls, and not automatically trusting what you’re told over the phone.

Won’t happen to you? Good.

But tell a #family member. Spread the word. Share this post. It is especially important to educate the #elderly about these #phonescams.

Don’t let someone you care about fall for a phony phone call.

Don’t be afraid to just hang up

3 thoughts on “Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Releases, “Phone Scam Cheat Sheet “

  1. Do not rely on caller ID. Names and numbers ar usually spoofed

  2. Don’t forget the Police calls…had one last night from Hasbrouck Hghts.

  3. I got 3 calls last from a number in France and then 4 more calls today from Tunisia (4 different numbers).

    The desperation to get me to answer the calls to my cellphone and listen to the blurb is staggering….how do our elected officials stop this nonsense…?

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