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Bergen County to Repave Ridgewood Avenue


August 10,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Road work is coming . Bergen county will be resurfacing Ridgewood Avenue from Paramus Road to Maple Avenue from Tuesday  August 21-28.

8 thoughts on “Bergen County to Repave Ridgewood Avenue

  1. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Can we look at a status on the roads that VOR was supposed to complete…?

  2. Ridgewood is a joke.

  3. I travel Burton County roads all the time, in the builder Ridgeway the Bergen County roads are very bad shape I contacted my own investigation.
    1, goffle Road.
    2, ridgewood Avenue.
    3, parts on Linwood Avenue.
    4, Glenn having you over 17 in front of Glen school
    5, race track Road.
    I live in town I travel all Bergen County roads on a daily basis and in the village of Ridgewood where I live Burton County roads or not properly maintained. Anonymous about his looks to me that the county roads are but in Ridgewood we come last. This is not the mist of allergies responsibility from what I hear which is OK. But we will pay taxes to Bertie County and that’s their responsibility from what I have read online . Which says they are responsible for the roads to drainage all the waterways that run through the Town And a few other things. I’m just trying to inform the public. Thank you Paul

  4. It almost seems that BBergen County is Mad at Ridgewood for some reason. Because their response is extremely slow. As a resident I make calls and emails and nothing happens.

  5. Can the state sweep route 17 The highway is filthy.

  6. Big Paul, That voice recognition your using is pretty bad. Berti and Burton County!
    I agree with your points and I’m having fun decoding your post.
    What is “the mist of allergies”…haven’t figured that one???

  7. Who cares , my nabor and I are wondering if they are going to resurface west Saddle River ‘rd .

  8. 2:12 It was supposedly on this year’s schedule but the paving stopped at the Ridgewood border.

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