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Bergen Parks Department Truck Crashes into Office Building in Ridgewood’s CBD

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A dump truck emblazoned with a seal from the County of Bergen Parks Department crashed into a Ridgewood office building in the Central Business District on Wednesday afternoon, 01/30, damaging at least four (4) vehicles parked there. The driver fled the scene in the damaged truck, but was apprehended shortly thereafter by Ridgewood Police officers. Before being taken into custody for unspecified charges, the driver was evaluated for a minor hand injury by Ridgewood EMTs. Firefighters from Ridgewood Fire Department and officials from the Village of Ridgewood’s Building Department were observed evaluating the structure to determine the extent of damage. The building, located at 257 East Ridgewood Avenue, the former Sealfons department store building houses PNC bank, real estate, and medical offices. Personnel from the Bergen County Prosecutor’s and Bergen County Sheriff’s Offices were assisting Ridgewood Police in processing the scene(s) and interviewing the driver. No injuries were reported by any occupants of the office building, which was evacuated immediately after it was struck.

4 thoughts on “Bergen Parks Department Truck Crashes into Office Building in Ridgewood’s CBD

  1. [Hands keys back to the dealership salesman] I’m gonna have to think about it, thanks!

  2. Political patronage job for the truck driver I’ll bet.

  3. Oh my word.. This is an amazing story. Thank GOD no one was hurt during his dump-truck rampage. I heard there were ten cars damaged or wrecked. What a complete a-hole. Road rage to the max.

  4. Surprised it wasn’t a village parks and rec truck. Oh wait they don’t drive around they just sit around all the parks and text or smoke

    I guess Bigos knows what she is doing since we haven’t had a major accident yet. NOT. She has NO idea what she is doing or her workers for that matter.

    Council wake up and clear house the way that dept is run a monkey could do it

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