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Blame Rests With Governor Murphy for Cancelled NJT Trains

Ridgewood Train Station

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Ridgewood NJ, Temperatures are rising for commuters this summer on NJ Transit trains. Riders are angry about the agency’s failure to keep the trains moving as scheduled.

A protest by engineers upset by what they say is a contract violation by Transit is leading to an increase in cancelled trains. The employees are refusing to work their scheduled days off, leaving riders stranded on station platforms.

“Once again, the operational dysfunction is painfully obvious, and as always, the commuters end up paying the price,” said Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney. “Riders have endured enough. It’s time for the Murphy Administration to stand up and put an end to their unnecessary misery. We need immediate oversite to fix the problems and hold NJ Transit accountable.”

In the past two days, more than 40 trains have been cancelled. Officials say they have a shortage of engineers to cover sick days, personal days and scheduled vacations.

“Governor Murphy says NJ Transit is getting better. I’m sure the riders waiting for no-show trains disagree,” said Rooney. “I will keep pressing the governor to deliver a reliable level of service commuters have the right to expect.”

3 thoughts on “Blame Rests With Governor Murphy for Cancelled NJT Trains

  1. So we don’t need a garage

  2. Is it the first 100-days yet. Didn’t he promise to fix NJT?

  3. Taxpayer is Right


    Garazilla should be shelved until hell and Ridgewood
    freeze over

    VC launched their Mini cooper coup in the square..butchered 95 percent of every living tree there

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