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Bombshell at BOE meeting :Buying Extra Credit

Ridgewood Police at RHS

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Board of Education members direct Schools Superintendent Daniel Fishbein to investigate a Ridgewood High School parent’s allegation that “extra credit points” were made available to her child for “purchase,” but not made available to the same student via the traditional method of submitting extra class work.
Watch as the parent explains exactly what happened in class:

24 thoughts on “Bombshell at BOE meeting :Buying Extra Credit

  1. Money talks, nobody walks. Twas always thus.

  2. why is extra credit even an option?

  3. Corrupt NJ reaches into classroom and teaches kids the New Jersey way. Important lesson. Maybe it is the American way now. Thinkin of big pharma and opioids. You can go on and on. Money is the ideal.

  4. The story not being told….
    What cause were those tickets supporting?
    What causes do all/most of these situations support?.
    Is there balance in the the causes supported or are they skewed to one ideology?
    These practices are more than “money for credits”… they are yet another form of indoctrination and brainwashing of your kids.

  5. Show me the money!

  6. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!

  7. Who’s the teacher and what was the fundraiser?

  8. This is shocking. On a par with the celebs who bought increased SAT grades

  9. Here’s what the BOE said last night about the issue:

  10. Next thing you know they’ll be tip jars on the teachers’ desks.

  11. This is particularly upsetting in light of the recent college admissions scandal. Those who have money always seem to get preferential treatment.

  12. Grades for sale? Hmm.

  13. This is unbelievable and oh so Ridgewood. Thank you to the woman who reported this. If it had happened to my kids (years ago), I would have gone ballistic. The Board must address this insanity and eliminate it.

  14. Thinking back now…could it be that this is also how academic recommendations for college applications may be secured without difficulty instead of refused for reasons having nothing to do with merit? Hmm…learn something new every day. Approaching Lori Loughlin territory maybe?

  15. I especially like the dismissive chuckle by Board President Jennie Smith Wilson when the topic of “paying for grades at the high school” was mentioned.

  16. REally shocking that a few people are defending the high school on this story. What the heck?

  17. These lazy ass teachers just doling out points instead of actually teaching. I hope names are named and jobs are lost.

  18. Gorman’s letter is such a crock of shit. He should be fired on the spot.

  19. Lot of hysterical responses on this thread. People here need to take up a hobby or find something other than manufacturing outrage to occupy their time.

  20. Lots of hysterical responses…..written by someone whose kid benefitted no doubt

  21. Agree with the individual who said, “lots of hysterical responses.” There are always 2 sides to the story and somewhere in between, the truth. As a teacher, I know how students can get fixated on something and spend an incredible amount of time and energy sharing it amongst friends – hallways, texting, Instagram, etc. And something that was really nothing, blows up into huge mess that we teachers have to deconstruct to our bosses to defuse situations like this. I’ve been on both sides as a parent of 3 students (2 already in college) and as an educator. My own kids’ stories sometimes had to be deflated back to their original size.

    Step back and really think about why someone would drop a bombshell like this at a board meeting rather than talking to the teacher and then building adminstration.

  22. Anne- I have spoken with the parent. She DID go to the teacher. Then she went to the department head. Got nowhere. Then she went to Gorman and Nyhuis. Again, got nowhere. Told them she felt unheard and had no where left to go then to the BOE. She followed every guideline the school gives on how to proceed. This could have ended so easily if those at all the meetings had just said they would look into it and look into policy. But they didn’t. And I have been in meetings like this as well with that administration. They don’t listen, and I’m sure legally cannot ever say anything at all. So they nod and make you feel unheard. This woman was not asking for extra points for her daughter’s grade- she couldn’t care less if her daughter got the one point she wanted by doing extra credit- she told her daughter to respect the teacher’s decision. But when on the VERY NEXT DAY the teacher offered extra credit for attending BergenFest, which was not even in that marking period, the s*&t hit the fan. PLUS FYI the teacher is Gorman’s niece!!!

  23. Gorman has to go. Incompetent.

  24. Is it true that the teacher giving extra credit to RHS students for buying tickets to (but not necessarily attending) “BergenFest” is Gorman’s niece? One supposes, then, that this nugget of information explains his apparent sluggishness when it comes to running this issue down. It doesn’t explain his failure to mention this conflict in the letter he sent home to RHS parents though. THAT seems unethical but who may question the great and powerful Gorm?

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