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Boomerz Magazine Names President Donald J. Trump “Man of the Year”

Donald J Trump 45th President
January 17,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Washington DC, He kick-started Americas economy and got the stock market soaring;  he cut taxes, slashed bureaucratic red tape and trash-canned reams of needless government regulations; he bombed the heck out of ISIS and sent them running home to live in their parents basements; and he very likely set the unofficial world record for most Tweets in a first term by a US President: These are just some of the many reasons why the publishers of Floridas Boomerz Magazine have announced Americas 45thPresident, Donald J. Trump, as their magazines choice for Man of the Year.
The President had an amazingly productive first year, but with so much fake news circulating about his activities, a large segment of the population is misinformed about his actual accomplishments, says Boomerz founder/editor/publisher, Frank Allen. We thought it would be very useful if Floridians could view the Presidents achievements since taking office everything from his tightening of border security to renegotiating unfair trade agreements all laid out in a special four-page insert to be included in our January 2018 issue.
Allen says his objective in publishing the Man of the Year issue is to show support for the president and his team and help keep the nation moving in the right direction.
I believe that Boomers should lead younger generations by example, by respecting our president, whether or not we are in agreement with any or all of his ideas or actions, says Allen.  Americans need to stand together as one.
About Boomerz Magazine
Boomerz Magazine is a monthly publication that caters to the Woodstock generation,
those born from 1946-1963. Each issue features a Boomer year and takes a look back
at what happened in that year most popular car, what things cost, famous television
shows, rock stars, etc.

4 thoughts on “Boomerz Magazine Names President Donald J. Trump “Man of the Year”

  1. Not my president. –A Baby Boomer

  2. Well I’m sure you like your 401k performance, 6.41pm.

  3. Then leave 6:14 go to Canada. A Baby Boomer and a Vietnam Vet .

  4. Imagine the hate filled outrage that would be directed at 6:41 from the left if she said the same thing about Obama when he was in office.

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