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BREAKING NEWS : Judge rules that board of education members terms may not be shortened


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Ridgewood NJ, Today February 15, 2019 in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County Law Division, The Honorable Robert C. Wilson, J.S.C, issued the following opinion in the Verified Complaint filed on January 18, 2019, by the Office of the Superintendent of Ridgewood Public Schools seeking clarification of Ridgewood Board of Education Member election dates:Judge Wilson ruled that the terms of a board of education member cannot be shortened.

Therefore, there will only be a budget election during April 2019 and not an election for seats on the Ridgewood Board of Education.
Based on this opinion, elections for seats on the Ridgewood Board of Education will be scheduled as follows:
The next board of education election will be in April 2020.
Those interested in running for a seat on the Ridgewood Board of Education in April 2020 and beyond are encouraged to check out candidate information available on the Ridgewood Public School website.

Contact The BoardContact the Board

Ms. Jennie Smith Wilson, Board President

Mr. James Morgan, Vice President

Ms. Sheila Brogan 

Mr. Cristopher Kaufman

Ms. Christina Krauss

5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS : Judge rules that board of education members terms may not be shortened

  1. That’s fine but we need to vote them out in 2020…

  2. Hey, wait a second. Let us congratulate Dr. Fishbein; he knew what he was doing. He was right.

    I have been an ardent critic of Fishbein on this blog; but fair is fair. He was right to bring a lawsuit on the matter.

    What I hate about people in this town is their unwillingness to admit when they were wrong and give credit to the person who was right.

    One of the best things you can do for your kids is to let them see you, their parents, admit that you were wrong and the other guy was right. Hey, guess what. That kind of thinking produces scientists , and great ones too.

    And ya know what, the most important lessons in success “in this competitive environment” are not and can not be taught at school. They are lessons learned at home by the example of parents. Like admitting YOU were wrong and other guy who you thought was incompetent was right. That’s how you raise a great thinker in any field. That kind of thinking, the most important kind, cannot be implemented by the BOE. It is not in their power.

  3. and whats the advantage for the schools?

  4. Schools are for larnin the three R’s. The fancy schools that require high property taxes, offer the frills like bands, orchestras, ski clubs, lots of after schools sports and activities. Love of learning and morals come from the home, the parents. Like in the book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

  5. Fishstein financed the lawsuit on the taxpayers’ dime? If that’s the case, then he:

    a) should resign
    b) get indicted

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