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“Cake Boss” store in Ridgewood evacuated due to bomb threat

Photo credit: Boyd A. Loving

Caption information:  #7271 – Officer interviewing Carlo’s employee is Ridgewood PD Patrol Officer W. Mark Bultler

“Cake Boss” store in Ridgewood evacuated due to bomb threat
November 15,20013
Boyd A. Loving
1:24 PM

Ridgewood NJ, Shortly after 11:30 AM on Friday, a female employee of Carlo’s Bakery at 12 Wilsey Square in Ridgewood telephoned 911 to report having received an anonymous bomb threat on the store’s main telephone line.  Ridgewood PD and FD personnel responded to the scene to evacuate the bakery and nearby buildings.  Several streets in the area were also closed as were sidewalks and a nearby pedestrian underpass.  A Bergen County PD bomb sniffing dog was summoned, and arrived at the scene within minutes, accompanied also by Bergen County PD Chief Brian Higgins.  The store was searched an no explosive devices were found.  RIdgewood Police are continuing to investigate the threat.  Ridgewood FD and EMS units were placed on standby.  Ridgewood Emergency Services units, along with personnel from Midland Park PD, assisted with traffic control.

Photo credit: Boyd A. Loving

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4 thoughts on ““Cake Boss” store in Ridgewood evacuated due to bomb threat

  1. I didn’t go to Carlos’ when I lived in Hoboken, even before the stupid “OMG we gotta the wrong color a frosting ona thisa cakea wassamatta u Luigi?” show. There were better bakeries in town.

    Having said that I hope they find who called this in and prosecute the shit out of them, regardless of their age.

  2. Clearly, it’s Obama’s fault

  3. No Obama didn’t know about it. He said it was Bush’s and the insurance company fault

  4. Anonymous:

    Clearly, it’s Obama’s fault

    No imagination.

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