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Campaign/Election/Political signs are banned by the Village in the space located between sidewalks and curb

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Ridgewood NJ, REMINDER: Village Ordinance #3540 prohibits the placement of ALL signs (except official traffic control signs) in the space located between sidewalks and curbs. This includes campaign/election/political signs. Fines for ordinance violations begin at $50.00, and there is a MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED.

#3540 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER 190, SECTION 122 OF THE CODE OF THE VILLAGE OF RIDGEWOOD ENTITLED “SIGNS” Chapter 190: LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT Section 122: SIGNS: Subsection A. Required permits and approvals. Add: (8) Temporary, non-illuminated, political signs advancing the candidacy for elective office of any candidate or group of candidates or a cause subject to political judgment. Subsection B. General Sign Regulations. (l) General Prohibitions. Add: (j) All temporary signs, including political signs, shall not be permitted to be placed on any publicly owned property, including, but not limited to, municipally owned property, library property, parks, right of ways, trees, telephone poles, lighting stations, street or traffic signs, tree wells or planters, water utility property, and/or any other such publicly owned property within the Village. Subsection H. Special regulations for certain types of signs. Amend: (6). Political Signs. Temporary, non-illuminated, political signs, as described in Subsection (A) (8) above of this Chapter and Section, shall be permitted in all zones. Signs for candidates shall be removed no later than 20 days after date of the election in which the candidate was considered for vote. In the case of primary elections, the signs of all candidates who fail to remain as candidates in the ensuing general election shall be removed no later than 10 days after the date of the primary election. Such signs may be free standing or attached to the wall or facade of a building or structure. Such signs may only be placed on the property with the permission of the property owners or person in authority to provide such permission.

6 thoughts on “Campaign/Election/Political signs are banned by the Village in the space located between sidewalks and curb

  1. Do any of these rules apply to Josh Gottheimer?

  2. Any employee of the Village of Ridgewood should be authorized to remove and confiscate any signs found to be in violation. Signs placed in the space between sidewalks and curbs present a safety hazard to drivers and pedestrians.

  3. So I expect all of the OPEN HOUSE signs with the balloons attached to be fined.

  4. Are you exempt if you don’t have a sidewalk and/or a curb?

  5. Are you exempt if you post signs for the correct candidates?

  6. I see some very selective enforcement of this being carried out.

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