Candidates Debate

April 30 2012

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

(Ridgewood NJ) Based on the statements from tonight’s Candidate night Russell Forenza, Gwenn Hauck, Albert Pucciarelli have made the issue as being nothing but about Valley expansion plain and clear urging the council to embrace Valley in new dialogue while Paul Aronsohn forever the politician also seemed to be angling to open the door to Valley expansion giving his flip-fop critics ample ammunition but his intentions became ever so clear with his endorsement of Gwen and Al which said nothing but sell out to Valley.

Keith Killion was the only candidate to truly put the Valley issue to rest basically and said enough was enough , Valley doesn’t not deserve a special dispensation ,the issues has been decided with over 6 months of careful hearings and the answer is no.

Fireworks surrounded the question of Dr. Gabbert’s 12% raise ,but the criticism rang hollow coming from candidates running for council all having spend many years in Ridgewood while NONE has ever voiced criticism or concern of all the other outrageous spending and financial irresponsibility that has gone on since the founding of this blog including the recent $3.5 million settlement forced on Ridgewood by the then fire chief to busy blogging to focus on employee safety or the $400,000 golden toilet, the $9 million dollar Village “taj” Hall fiasco ,or the failure to pay rent by Ridgewood Taxi or the innumerable mishaps with village vehicles by the previous Village manager and so many other incidences of waste to many to mention.

While all the candidates all talked tough on budgeting few found any programs or departments they were willing to commit to cuts and Kieth seemed the only one honest eough to grasp the gravity of the situation and the pressure of balancing many interests against each other .

It was nice to note that all seemed to recognize Graydon Parks uniqueness and none seemed interested in an “action park” redo in Ridgewood ,while Al and Paul seemed to be the only ones looking to urbanize some say Ghetto-ize Ridgewood, Jane Shinozuka like most of us worries about over development. Gwenn ,Russ and Paul pushed the “wonders” of shared services , impressed by what Russ has done in Paterson I guess. .

In the end Aronsohn was slick, mixed politics on cue, charming and sleazy as always , Russ was well Russ out there and always talking about Paterson , Gwenn was there for Valley but did hit the ball out of the park on maintaining Graydon Park ,Al was knowledgeable but added little and Jane Shinozuka lawyer’d up .