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Car Stolen From West Saddle River Road Driveway in Ho-Ho-Kus

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ho Ho Kus Nj, the Ho-Ho-Kus Police Department report that during Saturday evening a vehicle was stolen from the driveway of a home on West Saddle River Rd. The key fob was left in the vehicle. Please remove your key fobs and valuables from your vehicle.

4 thoughts on “Car Stolen From West Saddle River Road Driveway in Ho-Ho-Kus

  1. Key fob or not .they stole my car all locked up with my key in side my home . And I had the best alarm. It did zip . Do day With all the electronics they don’t need your key. It’s all bull. A lot of cars have been storing in our area in past two weeks. These people must be professionals. Aka Russians.

  2. Mr Key is right. This is a technology savvy group. My car was locked and they go it with “no sign of forced entry”. Lucky for me they did not get the car.

  3. And the most our police do is urge people to lock their cars. Whatever happened to arresting and imprisoning the perpetrators?! Rarely if ever do you hear our police arresting a burglar. Wake up and install surveillance cameras around town. Today’s technology can do wonders. Screw those who are concerned about privacy.

  4. This is beyond look at Police Department work. This is extremely on the cover federal. They are stealing high-end cars and exporting them out of the country. This is not the typical kid taking the car for a joyride. Or fashion shop shops. This is big time big money very organized. This has been going on for a few years in our area.The old days they broke your window, I want to use the old fashions SlimJim That’s over

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