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Thieves Target Unlocked Vehicles in Ridgewood

key fob glen rock

file photo from Glen Rock security camera

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Ridgewood NJ , according to the Ridgewood police over the last several weeks, there have been many cars which have been left unlocked, and many of them have the key fob in them.  At times, the actors take belongings and money from the cars, and other times, they steal the car.  In fact, four cars were stolen from residents’ driveways, 9/12/19 through 9/14/19, because the key fobs were left in the cars.
The Ridgewood Police Department is asking for help from the public to PLEASE lock your homes and cars and remove any valuables and keys or key fobs.  We do not want any police officers or civilians injured or killed in an attempt to catch the actors. The actors will move to other areas if they are unable to locate unlocked vehicles or find anything of value. In addition, if anyone has any video of the actors or events, please contact the Ridgewood Detective Bureau at 201-251-4536.

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Despite Calls For More Parking Ridgewood Merchants Continue to take Prime Spots

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Ridgewood NJ, The President of The Ridgewood Guild is Mr. Tony Damiano.  Posturing as an important dignitary in town, claims that businesses which might have come to Ridgewood opted out because there was insufficient parking. 

The current council set up a system whereby employees would be directed to park in sections of the Cottage Place and Walnut Street lots, thereby freeing up valuable on-street spots in front of stores and restaurants.  And yet Damiano parks his own vehicle in prime on-street spots every day, as seen in this photograph. 

If you think this is a one-off, you are wrong.  We have at least 15 more photos of his car in various NON-EMPLOYEE prime spots on North Broad, near his store.   Damiano was a big promoter of the Hudson Garage (Aronsohn Version) yet refused to work with the new administration when the “3 amigos ” left office .

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Starbucks Manager Warns of Bike Riding Vandals

Bike Lane Traffic Easing Ridgewood
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Ridgewood NJ, the Glen Rock Starbucks manager Alicia Saige Whalen made this post on the “it takes a Ridgewood Village” Facebook page warning about groups of kids on bikes vandalizing the downtown.

“Attention moms and dads, I’m the glen rock Starbucks manager, but on behalf of the downtown Ridgewood Starbucks I just want to make sure parents are aware. There is a large group of children who plan on riding their bikes through Ridgewood this Saturday around 2pm. Last time they did this, they vandalized the downtown Ridgewood Starbucks and broke a sink in their bathroom. They ride throughout the town causing dangerous traffic conditions and run through stores knocking stuff over, wrecking flower beds, and playing chicken with cars. This causes dangerous situations for themselves and others. They plan to have the police involved to keep your children and the community safe. Just be aware and check in with your kids.”

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Starbucks Rolls Out the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ, back to school is one the way and Starbucks’ ubiquitous and equally loved-and-maligned pumpkin spice latte, is now available in stores alongside its new pumpkin cream cold brew on Aug. 27. This is  the earliest release date ever, possibly because of its ever-increasing slate of pumpkin spiced competitors in every possible variation of baked good, alcoholic or caffeinated beverage, and anything else your little heart desires.

In fall 2003, Starbucks first brought the pumpkin spice latte to 100 stores in Vancouver and Washington, D.C. to test the beverage.

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Open Rehearsal & Auditions for Pro Arte Chorale

Pro Arte Chorale

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Ridgewood NJ, Studies show that choral singing improves our mood, with a decrease in stress and anxiety, plus it is very fulfilling to experience the joy of making music together with a wonderful group of singers!  The Pro Arte Chorale invites you to our  “Open Rehearsal” when you can experience for yourself that special joy of singing with a choral group, meet our music director Bryan Zaros, and decide if you want to audition for Pro Arte Chorale.   All voice parts are welcome to join us at our Open Rehearsal on September 16 7:30pm at West Side Presbyterian Church, Ridgewood, NJ

If you are interested in auditioning, please email or call the office at 201-497-8400 to schedule your audition, as they are held by appointment only.  Pro Arte has an exciting season ahead!

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New Jersey Residents Continue to Flee the State

for sale Ridgewood_Real_Estate_theRodgewopodblog

file photo by Boyd Loving

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Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey features prominently on a blog post on the blog Zero Hedge.In the post written by  Mac Slavo , Slavo says New Jersey residents are fleeing their state in droves thanks to the over taxation and immense financial burden placed on them by their socialist state government. In addition to the already sky-high federal tax that we are all forced to pay, those in New Jersey are struggling to make enough money to live after the state also steals a cut of their income.

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Valley Health Systems Gail Callandrillo Named to Top 25 Leading Women Intrapreneurs List

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Ridgewood N J, Gail Callandrillo, Vice President of Planning & Government Relations at Valley Health System, has been named to the 2019 Top 25 Leading Women Intrapreneurs list by Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE).

The Top 25 Leading Women Intrapreneurs list, developed by LWE, honors women innovators in corporate environments who support diversity efforts. The women named to this prestigious list —selected out of hundreds of nominations—exhibit outstanding performance in four areas: market potential, innovation, community involvement and advocacy for women. 

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Public Notice – July 9, 2019 Ridgewood Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting





In accordance with the provisions of the “Open Public Meetings Act,” please be advised that the Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a special public meeting on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, in the Village Hall Court Room, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ. The purpose of the meeting is to hold the Annual Reorganization Meeting beginning at 7:30 p.m. A regular business meeting will follow. 

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