The alt-left’s attack on history: And they think Trump’s crazy?

Updated on August 27, 2017 at 10:38 AM Posted on August 27, 2017 at 6:55 AM

By Paul Mulshine

Columnist, The Star-Ledger

Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?

That question used to be part of an old joke. But the answer might soon be “no one” if certain New York politicians get their way.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has called […]

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Court Order Curtails Residents 1st Amendment Free Speech Rights in New Jersey

Pj Blogger at Constitution Hall at the 1st Amendment

Court: Residents Can’t Mention “Islam” or “Muslim” At Public Hearing on Mosque Construction; Thomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit

August 24, 2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog and the Thomas More Law Center

Bernards Township NJ,  In a settlement agreement, which reads more like an instrument of surrender, […]

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Charlottesville: Reporters should leave the opinion writing to us pundits

Editors note this is a shockingly well written editorial by Paul Mulshine 

By Paul Mulshine

Columnist, The Star-Ledger

After a couple of years during which Donald Trump has done so much to make the jobs of those of us in the media easier and more entertaining, I am starting to see a pattern.

First the Donald says something of which […]

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Little Leaguers getting infected by adults’ bad sportsmanship

By Phil Mushnick

August 19, 2017 | 7:59pm

Kids, by definition, are impressionable. They know only what they know, what they’re given to know and what they’re interested in knowing. And then that knowledge, often in the form of prompts, is applied.

Years ago my family was seated with the Drobnis family at dinner when talk turned toward […]

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Morris County GOP Freeholder candidate Speaks Out Against the Destruction of Public Monuments

August 18,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood Blog

Succasunna NJ, Heather Darling ,Morris County GOP Freeholder candidate responded to the attempt to purge and cleanse American history thru the destruction of public monuments.

“The notion that by removing statues and monuments, we can somehow erase the past that brought us to this day is reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. As […]

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President Trump signs the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 Improving Veterans Healthcare

“In just a short time, we’ve already achieved transformative change at the VA—and believe me, we’re just getting started.”—President Donald J. Trump

August 15,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, GIVING VETERANS A CHOICE: President Donald J. Trump is giving veterans a choice in the healthcare they receive so they can receive the right care, at […]

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Federal Court Orders State Department to Conduct a Search of Benghazi Emails of Hillary Clinton’s Closest Advisors

AUGUST 10, 2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC in what can only be considered a major victory for Judicial Watch, Thursday they announced that on August 8, 2017, D.C. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered the State Department “to search the e-mail accounts of Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan,” former […]

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North Korea Armageddon?

August 10,2017
Ron DuBois

The People’s Republic of Korea , Does the Media or the American people really believe North Korea has 60 Nuclear Warheads? IF they do, I’m sure they don’t have more than 5 or 6 missiles capable of reaching the U.S. or even Guam, and half will probably explode prematurely while the other half […]

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Media Ignores Fed Lawsuit by Dems Accusing DNC, Wasserman Schultz of Fraud

AUGUST 07, 2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The mainstream media is conspicuously ignoring a newsworthy class-action lawsuit accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Florida congresswoman—Debbie Wasserman Schultz—who chaired it of fraud for skewing the party’s primaries to benefit Hillary Clinton. The drama is playing out in a south Florida federal court […]

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Judicial Watch Warns California to Clean Voter Registration Lists or Face Federal Lawsuit

Data Show LA, San Diego, San Francisco Have More Registered Voters than Eligible Adult Citizens – LA Voting Rolls Have 144% of the Total Number of Eligible Residents

August 5,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced it sent a notice-of-violation letter to the state of California and 11 of its counties threatening to sue in federal court […]

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