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Reader Says , “personally I’d like to thank all these and other professionals for all they do for myself my elderly parents and all the people in between it takes a very special kinda person to do what you do”

photo by Boyd Loving

“I was in the ER as well the police EMS where amazing treated driver with respect and patience even when driver got angry when spoken to saying “it’s my house I hit what is the big deal ? What are you trying to get from me ?” The officer was far more patient then I think I would’ve been bc as he responded “I’m trying to help you jog your memory bc your asking me again where these black & black marks came from ” he was very professional the entire I was there , regardless of why “accident ” occurred I can’t understand how anyone would question anything EMS / police responses especially volunteer professionals , I have to assume that the person who stated “waste of tax payer funds ” must have a crystal ball or knows he or she will never need the services of these professionals … crazy to judge anything like this … personally I’d like to thank all these and other professionals for all they do for myself my elderly parents and all the people in between it takes a very special kinda person to do what you do I know I couldn’t !”

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Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce 19th Annual Farmer’s Market


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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Annual Farmer’s Market Celebrating 18 years with Farm to table/fresh/delicious produce.

Ridgewood’s Farmers’ Market Every Sunday from 9am-3pm
westside of NJ Transit train station…

Enjoy our farmers vegetables and fruit until Halloween.

Stroll and get some fresh Mozzarella.
Homemade Jams-with flavors you cannot get any other place.
Fresh baked goods, preservative free.
Pickles on a stick for the kids and more.
Beautiful flowers for your yard.

FARM – and more – TO your TABLE…
for more details –

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Phishing Scam Hits Ridgewood Chamber Members

Nigerian scam michael-scott-

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce warns of Chamber related phishing scam.


Please disregard the email sent today that says:URGENT

from: presidentexectiv1@gmail.comsaying:I need your assistance.Can you help me purchase giftcards and get reimbursed later today.

Regards, Joan Groome

DISREGARD THIS EMAIL…PHISHING SCAM.Please call or email office…

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Shoplifter Flees With $250 Worth of Merchandise in Ridgewood


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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police Patrol units responded to Whole Foods at 44 Godwin Avenue on a report of a shoplifting on July 12th. Upon arrival the manager reported the female shoplifter fled the store without making payment for approximately $250.00 in merchandise. The manager provided a description of the actor and a vehicle description. The manager reported he will respond at a later date to sign a criminal complaint and provide security video evidence.

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Best. Day. Ever.

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Ridgewood NJ, Best. Day. Ever. Ridgewood PBA members helped out at the 6th annual Michael Feeney Best Day ever today. We had a lot of fun with all the families and loved raising money for such an awesome cause. We look forward to next year and having the best day ever! You can see we had almost as much fun as the kids did!

(Special Thanks to Sgt. Michael Lembo, Ptl. Colin Donnelly, Ptl. Steve Cummings, Ptl. Chris Mormino, Ptl. Kyle Monton, Ptl. Doug Busche, Ptl. Brandon Donnelly, Ptl. Jack Knudsen, Ptl. Doug Christopher, Ptl. Miguel Torres, Ptl. Rosario Vaccarella, Ptl. Sean Amoruso, Lt. Heath James, and all the others who came out and helped today!!)

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Reimagine the Ridgewood Library Public Forum

photo courtesy of Ridgewood Library

MON, JUN 10  7-8PM | Open Public Forum

Ridgewood NJ, All Ridgewood residents invited to attend an open public forum on Library renovation concepts.
We look forward to sharing ideas.
Conference Room, 3rd floor
Please register here.

Also introducing: the Reimagine website,
Information about Reimagining the Ridgewood Public Library. 

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the Fly Hears More High Density Housing Targeting Ridgewood ……..

highdensity housing

the fly has heard from numerous resident that a person or entity is attempting to buy or did buy property on South Broad St with the alleged purpose of constructing senior housing. This resident wonders when this over density going will stop. Poster may comment that its for senior so whats the problem ?   That maybe true but construction like this still costs the taxpayers. (More police , fire , ems, sanitation personal) not to mention our failing water supply and the conditions of the roads and traffic.So one would ask the question. Why now?  You could  try to blame the 3 Amigos but they been gone for years and ordinances can be changed. What will this council do? When will the destruction of that neighborhood  stop? Rev Johnson must be rolling in his grave.  Remember that just because they build senior housing in Ridgewood doesn’t mean it is exclusively for Ridgewood Resident rather it would be open to county residents or maybe state residents. So don’t hold your breath hoping to sell your house and move in. 

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Ridgewood Native Ali Stoker Nominated for a Tony Award


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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood native Ali Stroker, staring in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! has been nominated for a Tony in the  Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical category. 

Stroker is no stranger to rewriting history. With her 2015 Broadway debut in “Spring Awakening,” she became the first actor in a wheelchair to perform on Broadway . Three years later, she’s back onstage in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” as Ado Annie, the flirtatious local who splits her affections between a resident cowboy and a peddler from out of town. Stroker, who earned a nod for featured actress in a musical, is making her mark again, this time as the first wheelchair-bound performer to be nominated for a Tony Award.

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Ridgewood JOLT Now Working to Subvert Democracy?

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Ridgewood NJ, strange goings on at Ridgewood JOLT, the organization that claims :

Ridgewood JOLT is a community organization activating citizens to JOIN ORGANIZE LEAD and TEACH. Our mission is to protect and fight for our democracy through active participation in upcoming elections, monitoring and acting on legislative activity, educating ourselves and others as to our rights and our laws, and using the power of our purse to affect change and require accountability from corporations dependent on our economic participation.

Yet three of its members are in full agreement in attempts to “filter” and censor a group of ‘known agitators” clearly subverting the cause of democracy that thrives off of vigorous debate and goes gainst its stated mission.