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Reader points out , “It’s not like coaching people to get into schools is a new thing”

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“To summaries: wealthy parents spread the wealth among various service providers (tutors, essay Writers, etc.) to send their kids to school where they’ll spend another $300k on a bachelors degree. Sounds like they are the losers. A better question is, why is this investigation happening now? It’s not like coaching people to get into schools is a new thing. Wouldn’t the same investigators be better used to catch fentanyl distributors? Just a month ago billionaires were caught paying for sex (what a crime!) and now this. Who’s directing these investigations? “

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Ridgewood Schools Will See Big Jump in State Aid for 2020


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Ridgewood NJ, Governor Murphy today announced state school aid funding for his Fiscal Year 2020 budget proposal that provides record levels of support for New Jersey schools.

The Governor’s proposed budget would provide $15.4 billion to support schools, a record level for New Jersey education funding.

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Reader Supports a “NO CONFIDENCE “VOTE Against the Ridgewood Board of Education

I keep hoping people will stop swallowing — and repeating — the propaganda being fed them about “tradition of excellence”. It is easier and more comfortable to believe that, but they are being shortchanged. We can and should do better! The large and small examples of dysfunction that disprove the propaganda are out in the open. I support the “no-confidence” vote proposal you are putting forward, and I am a Ridgewood mom with kids in the system!

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Ridgewood Board of Education Meeting Tonight

Board of Education Meets 
Monday, February 11, 2019
49 Cottage Place
7:30 p.m.
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Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood Board of Education will hold its next Regular Public Meeting on Monday,February 11, 2019. The Board meets at the Education Center, 49 Cottage Place, Floor 3 at 7:30 p.m. 

The public is welcome to attend the meeting, or to watch from home on Fios channel 33 or Optimum channel 77. Meetings are also streamed via the “BOE Webcast” tab on the district website at

Meeting webcasts are immediately available on the district website.
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BFMS Music to the Ears


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Ridgewood NJ, BFMS Choral ,Orchestra and Band have big news. Justine Kawash, BFMS Choral Director Grades 6-8 reports on the Region I auditions: Alexis Rosenfeld (Gr. 7, Alto) and Katarina Burton (Gr. 7, Alto) were selected as members of the Region I 2019 Chorus.

Carol Sharar, BFMS Orchestra Director, reports that five string players have won placement into the prestigious Region I Intermediate Orchestra for 2019. They are: Harin Jeong (Gr. 8, violin), Phillip Bang (Gr. 8, viola, 1st chair), Ania Skulskaia (Gr. 7, violin), Jenny Yang (Gr. 7, violin) and Jenny Jang (Gr. 7, violin), who in addition also won Silver in the Scholastic Writing Contest.

Jason Curcio, BFMS Director of Bands and the Jazz Machine, has announced the Region Band selectees for 2019: Annie Skulskaia (Gr. 7, flute), Seung He Rhew (Gr. 8, clarinet,) Jennifer Lee (Gr. 7, clarinet), Eojin Kikm (Gr. 8, clarinet) and Joelle Yoon (Gr. 7, trombone).

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Reader says ,” We don’t get leaders in BOE or Village Council. We get ‘nice’ folks with mediocre experience and certainly not people who will drive change or rock the boat”

“Same old tune. We don’t get leaders in BOE or Village Council. We get ‘nice’ folks with mediocre experience and certainly not people who will drive change or rock the boat. Ask yourselves, have ever been in a room when a real leader who is innovative and problem solver speaks and takes control of the situation, deliverers what they say, confronts obstacles, and keeps moving forward. Do you get that when Kaufman speaks? Sedon? Fishbein? Gorman? Knudson? All nice folks who can not lead, drive change, or provide solutions. Imagine any of them entering a board room and trying to influence a $110M budget in a corporate environment. They would not last 5 minutes. let alone years of continued weak non existent leadership.

Wake up folks”

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Reader says , “maybe the kids don’t deserve the scholarships”

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“Just a thought- maybe the kids don’t deserve the scholarships. Maybe, and I’m sure you’ll all prove me wrong with a plethora of angry comments about the lazy, greedy teachers but maybe just maybe the kids are not worthy of the awards you feel they are entitled to. I know in Ridgewood entitlement is a tough concept for many but maybe, on some outside shot the kids are not trying as hard or missing too much class time out of school on weeklong skitrips or maybe their parents are just pushing them through and overcompensating for all of their failures by placing blame on everyone but the actual kids. Just a thought, and I’m probably wrong – sorry to interrupt the blamefest -carry on with the venemous posts.”

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Reader asks , “how could we only have 4, National Merritt Scholars”


Many of our teachers are excellent and among the best in the nation. They are truly trying their best to properly educate our students. Many others are like one of my daughter’s teachers who said, “I really don’t have to do anything but fill a chair until I retire. I HAVE TENURE!” Or another daughter who constantly cut class and was in danger of not graduating because she had not filled her Physical Education requirements. I said “summer school for the educational classes she cut.” They said, “Oh, no. She has health problems so we’re only double upping on her PE.” And this went on while we were still highly ranked! At that time, however, we had 12 or more National Merit Scholars and around 35 National Merit Awarded Students. And they ALL got tons of offers including Ivy and other highly ranked colleges. Even as bad as the schools have gotten, how could we only have 4? Nowadays Ridgewood parents tutor their kids for everything so are the tutors that bad as well? It’s really an unreal situation to be that badly thought of by colleges. And I personally know many of the current great teachers. What is happening to the schools?

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Ridgewood Schools Strike Back at Residents


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Ridgewood NJ, once again we are reminded why so many parents and residents passively and some would say blindly support the Ridgewood Board of Education.  Despite the many missteps , declining rankings, fighting,bullying, drug dealing ,bigots and ballooning budget the BOE continues to hold on to significant support by Village residents .

The ugly reality once again is fear by residents of retribution by the BOE,school administrators , teachers and coaches on their childern and the implosion of property values tied to school performance .Not suprisingly  recent criticism of the Boards move to use taxpayer money to launch a lawsuit to extend trustee terms with no tangible benefit to students and taxpayers has been primarily spearheaded residents who no longer have children in Ridgewood public schools or never had children in Ridgewood Schools. 

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2018-2019 Ridgewood Board of Education Goals

  1. Complete negotiations on the REA and RAA contracts.
  2. Identify the capital projects to be included in a Bond Referendum and design a communications plan.
  3. Schedule a Board presentation on the 2nd year implementation of the full day kindergarten program.
  4. Monitor progress made to address the Special Education Department study recommendations with reports to the Board in January and June of 2019.
  5. Plan and facilitate a community meeting with representation from a wide range of stakeholder groups to develop our next 3-year Strategic Plan (2019 – 2022).