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SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH! 2019 Ridgewood Fall Art & Craft Street Fair 10am to 5pm


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Ridgewood NJ, The winner of the “Best of Bergen” numerous times! 195 exhibitors with arts and crafts, a food court, music, pony rides, a petting zoo and inflatables are part of this family fun day! Free admission. Held rain or shine. This long running event draws approximately 17,000 thousand customers.

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Reader says ,”ITS GROUNDHOG Garage day”

ITS GROUNDHOG Garage day and the Towns Bill Murray
groundskeepers in city hall expansion departments have gone all in to dynamite the whole business district simultaneously to be sure their off record promises are delivered to the parking NEEDY BUSINESSES Housing fiascos and all of those new cars that wont fit in the Mini Cooper new housing developments mini mart lots..outside of town traffic chaos longer term i.e. a large development plugged into the old Ford dealer site spilling out onto the train plaza on one side and /or onto a narrow steep side block with a sight distance issue for cars barreling down and over a road rise curved blind spot.. BIKE LANES..RIGHT turn lane spilling into a pedestrian crossing lane….Promises Promises,,.strap in for
more chaos crossing from maple Ave side of Franklin
towards to east side of town via a narrow curving hill towards the train and Whole Foods side of town.
developments : School seats expansion..
taxes will skyrocket.

This is not Planning excellence,,it’s a give away to developers…

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One suspect sought for questioning in connection with a pedestrian strike during Saturday’s “Ride Out”

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

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Ridgewood NJ,  A “Ride Out” (a.k.a. Bicycle Rally) involving well over one (1) dozen juvenile bicycle riders disrupted traffic along South Maple Avenue in Glen Rock and Ridgewood on Saturday afternoon, 09/07. The fast moving group was allegedly on its way to disrupt motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic near a Starbucks restaurant in Ridgewood.

An adult female pedestrian was struck and injured in Glen Rock by at least one (1) of those participating in the unsanctioned event (which had come to the attention of Ridgewood Police earlier in the week). Her injuries were reported to be non life threatening in nature. Two (2) small groups of riders were stopped by Glen Rock Police and Ridgewood Police officers, but they were both released after questioning. One (1) suspect is still being sought for questioning in connection with the pedestrian strike.

The police did not release details on who was behind the so called “Ride Out”.

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Reader Calls for , “penalties for the pedestrians who just walk out in front of cars while not looking either way”

” There should also be penalties for the pedestrians who just walk out in front of cars while not looking either way. It should be mandatory that they take caution and pay attention while walking. I was making a turn onto Ridgewood Avenue the other day and a woman walked out in front of me from between the first car–illegally parked at corner–without looking. Fortunately I was able to slam on my brakes but she never once looked up from her phone. The entire burden of caution should not be placed solely on drivers. The pedestrians who think they have the right of way–even against a red light–should also receive a fine or punishment of some sort! I have another question as well. Where did the pedestrians think that it is a great idea to walk behind a car that is backing up? No one ever stops for a backing car and it is very likely that the driver cannot see them when they suddenly appear behind the car. “

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Ridgewood Chamber Annual Golf outing- Sept. 25th


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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce partner with The Paramus Chamber of Commerce for our annual Charity Golf Classic.

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New Jersey Cracks Down on Rogue Movers

for sale Ridgewood_Real_Estate_theRodgewopodblog

file photo by Boyd Loving

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Ridgewood NJ Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed into law a consumer-friendly bill that was pushed by the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey and a statewide movers’ group to eliminate companies that try to scam the public.

The new law cracks down on unlicensed movers, who operate without insurance, often cheating and scamming consumers. The director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs can now work with local police to impound vehicles used by illegitimate movers. Police can also bring disorderly persons charges against rogue movers. If convicted, the penalty could be up to up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

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Reader says ,”Too bad Craigslist removed casual encounters”

Too bad Craigslist removed casual encounters.
This would be a great place for a quickie
And I like the video idea so I could post it on xtube too!
I’m glad to see forward thinking government for a change.
Maybe in the new garage we can have a few small “short stay” spaces

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Ridgewood CBD Faces Parking-apocalypse on Monday

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Ridgewood NJ, looks like Ridgewood’s Central Business District is facing a parking-apocalypse this week when both the Hudson lot and Cottage Place lot are closed as of Monday August 19th. Resident should brace for longer parking times and more congested road ways .

-Parking deck construction starts.
-Pedestrians must use the sidewalk along the church side of Hudson Street.
-Hudson Street will be open to vehicles during the beginning of the construction…as the project proceeds…there will be weeks that the street might be closed.

Cottage Place Parking There will be milling and paving of

weather permitting it should be done by August 23, 2019…

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Valley Hospital Recognized for Consumer Loyalty

Valley Hospital

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Ridgewood NJ, Valley Hospital was recently named to the 2019 NRC Health Top 100 Consumer Loyalty list for garnering a high degree of loyalty from their patient populations. Valley is the only hospital in Bergen County to be featured on the list. 

Created by NRC Health, a national research corporation focused on health care, the Consumer Loyalty Awards are the first and only loyalty-based hospital rankings in the U.S. Valley was selected based on results from NRC Health’s Market Insights survey, the largest database of healthcare consumer responses in the country. NRC Health surveys more than 310,000 households in the contiguous U.S., measuring their engagement with healthcare brands in their communities.

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