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Reader claims, ““Self-serving people there for personal gain” defines our Councils of the past decade or more”

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“Self-serving people there for personal gain” defines our Councils of the past decade or more. Riche with his no bid telecoms contracts with the Village, the definition of conflict of interest. Whatever the hell Ahronson, Pooch and Gwen wanted, none of it seemingly any good for the rest of us. Knudsen getting her boys on the RPD and RFD with some nifty maneuvering around the hiring requirements, and protecting the dilapidated Schedler above all other interests because it’s across the street from her dad’s house… the list goes on and on.

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Reader says , “The problem is that we have too many short term residents”

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The problem is that we have too many short term residents. People are able to get elected because they have friends and contacts they make due to their young children in school . Where else could a short term resident like aronson or zuzsy get elected?
Many towns with a more stable population (instead of NYC people who live here for a 10 year term) would never elect some new resident to an important position. I am surprised that a long term resident such as hauck would go along with the apartment deals, but I guess she was close enough to aronson that he could literally whisper in her ear to convince her to go along with making this “east Montclair ”
I can tell you that as a life long resident who has the best interests of the village at heart, I would never get elected because the new residents are a larger voting block. Hence the decline of what we expect for the character of our village.
And if elected I doubt I could sit up there and put up with the general public or nasty anonymous online comments.
A real solution with be for all property taxes to reflect the purchase price of the home . This is done in florida. It protects the long time residents From tax increases that benefit the new people who push their agenda. Let them pay for their own schools and parking garages

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The Roland L. Meyer Orpheus Club Scholarship

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Ridgewood NJ, The Orpheus Club Men’s Chorus is proud to sponsor a $2000.00 scholarship designed to honor and assist a graduating high school senior who has demonstrated extraordinary accomplishment in music and intends to continue musical studies on the collegiate level. Since the program took on its current form in 1993, we have been pleased to recognize students from more than a dozen area schools with grants totaling more than $20,000. These outstanding young musicians have gone on to study at colleges and universities across the country.

The application and instructions are now available.
The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2019

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Ridgewood NJ, The Village’s Parks Department employees are cutting up the trees which they take down into logs, and offering them to Ridgewood residents for free at the Recycling Center.  This saves the Village money, because we don’t have to pay to dispose of the trees which are cut down, and it also provides residents with free firewood for their homes.  You may pick up the logs at the Recycling Center, during their regular business hours.

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Ridgewood Water- Fixed Meter Rate Increase

ridgewood water bill

file photo of old bill

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Ridgewood NJ, “Our goal at Ridgewood Water is to provide customers with safe, continuous, and dependable drinking water. As part of our customer commitment, we want to tell you about a change to your current/upcoming bill.”

Effective first quarter 2019, the Facilities Charge that is a portion of your water bill, will increase as approved by the Village of Ridgewood Council (Ordinance #3637) on June 28, 2018. The Facilities Charge is a fixed quarterly fee that helps fund the cost for maintaining our treatment and delivery systems, meter installations, meter reading and billing. This charge is based on the size of the meter installed at the property and does not vary with consumption. No changes have been made to the rates on water usage.

Approximately 92 percent of customers use a 5/8″ meter and are likely to see an average increase of about 6% in their current total annual bill.

  • If you don’t know your meter size, click HERE to see where you can find it on your invoice.
  • To see the full table of new meter rates, click HERE.

Ridgewood Water’s last meter fixed rate increase was in 2014. Since then, Ridgewood Water has invested $25 million in infrastructure improvements.

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Domestic Disturbance on Ackerman Ave Results in Family Member Removed from Home

ridgewood police

file photo by Boyd Loving

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police report that patrol units were dispatched to a residence on Ackerman Avenue on a report of a person in the dwelling unlawfully on December 22nd. Upon arrival there were signs of an unlawful entry into the residence after a family member was evicted earlier in the day. Patrol began to check the area and Det. Jeffrey Casson located the accused at a nearby business. The accused admitted he had entered the residence after having been evicted and he was then arrested. The arrestee, a 47 year-old male from Ridgewood was transported to Ridgewood Police headquarters, served with a complaint summons and released with a pending court date.

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Ridgewood Art Institute Annual Members’ Show and Sale


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Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood Art Institute is home to many talented artists. We welcome you to visit us and view our Annual Members’ Holiday Show and Sale, usually featuring over 150 pieces of beautiful artwork. Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes and Still Lifes are all represented in this exhibition executed in watercolor, pastels and oils. Among our membership there are artists who have made the study of Art their lifetime ambition as well as those who are just beginning their Art journey. Art Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see the quality of work available for sale at our many events and Artists can explore the options of starting a new class or medium. A portion of all proceeds benefit The Ridgewood Art Institute.
What better way to kick off the Holiday Season, than to purchase a gift for a loved one and support this wonderful institution. Work will be on view daily from 11am-3pm till December 24th, 2018.

Art makes a unique gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. Also, your gift helps support this fine institution, which is a gift to so many.

The Ridgewood Art Institute is a non profit organization providing the finest instruction in Classical Realism in a variety of mediums. Classes are offered on an open enrollment basis, and can be joined at any time. Each student is taught in direct relation to their personal skill level. For more information on class scheduling, this and future events please visit

The Ridgewood Art Institute
12 East Glen Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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Frequently-Asked Questions

last updated October 14, 2018

1. What is Our Village, Our Future?

The Village of Ridgewood, NJ is working towards preparing its next Master Plan. One of the first steps is to engage the community to think about and share its vision for current and future generations to love and appreciate. Our Village, Our Future is the name given to this visioning process.

2. What are the goals of Our Village, Our Future?

The primary goal of Our Village, Our Future is to implement a community visioning process that reaches out to a broad range of Village residents and other stakeholders (e.g., businesses, institutions, etc.) and encourages them to think about and discuss the values, principles, goals, and priorities that should shape the future of the Village. This community visioning process represents the one of the first steps toward creating a new Master Plan for the Village.

3. What will be the final outcome or product of Our Village, Our Future? When will the Master Plan be prepared?

The final outcome/product of this visioning process will be a Vision Plan. This document will summarize the community engagement process and synthesize the results of this process in terms of identifying and explaining the values, principles, goals, and priorities that should shape the Village’s next Master Plan. The process of creating the next Master Plan will start after the visioning process is complete.

4. What is a Master Plan and how is it relevant to my life in the Village?

A Master Plan, sometimes referred to as a Comprehensive Plan, is a guidance document that sets goals, policies, and priorities for investing in the physical, economic, environmental, and social future of a community. A master plan can address a wide range of topics and/or geographic areas of importance to residents and other stakeholders. It can provide an overall vision for a place and identify key priorities and strategies toward achieving the vision. It can provide direction in terms of investing in transportation improvements and public facilities, changing zoning regulations, protecting ecologically-sensitive areas, or becoming more environmentally sustainable. Concept plans and other visuals within a master plan can demonstrate ideas and hoped-for outcomes.

The master plan is also the basis for a municipality’s zoning regulations. In New Jersey, all municipalities are required to have a master plan and to “reexamine” it at least every 10 years. The reexamination process can represent a stepping stone for updating or creating a new master plan. However, the resulting Reexamination Report itself does not constitute the actual updated or new master plan.

5. Why does the Village need to prepare a new Master Plan? Has the Village “reexamined” its Master Plan yet?

Although there are certain parts of the Village’s Master Plan that have been updated more recently (for example, the section pertaining to housing, which was updated in 2016), the core sections of the Master Plan date back to 1983. A lot has changed since that time. The Village did “reexamine” its master plan in 2016, and the resulting Master Plan Reexamination Report can be downloaded and viewed from the Plans & Studies page.

6. Will the Our Village, Our Future process involve the whole Village, geographically speaking?

Yes, the whole Village is the subject of this visioning process. It is not limited to a specific part or aspect of the Village; we expect and welcome feedback on any part or aspect of the Village.

7. How can I stay informed about this process? How will I be able to contribute my vision for the future of Ridgewood?

First, visit This website will be the central public portal of information for this initiative. Next, make sure to sign up to receive updates when a new post is added to the page. Look for the phrase “Receive E-mail Updates” on the site and follow the instructions.

Press releases will be drafted and distributed so that local newsletters and newspapers can publish timely information for their readers during the course of the initiative. We anticipate utilizing various methods to get input from residents and other stakeholders. These might include surveys, workshops, focus groups, etc.

The Village’s website and social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) will also feature important dates and milestones in the visioning process, providing links to more details at this website.

8. What if I have questions or already have input about my vision for Ridgewood?

An online form is available on the Contact page at for residents and other interested members of the community to ask additional questions about or offer suggestions for this visioning process. If you have already been thinking about your vision for Ridgewood and would like to share it with us, visit the Your Vision page.  As the visioning process moves ahead, there will be more formal opportunities to participate in the visioning process through workshops, surveys, and other methods.

9. What if I or one of my neighbors is unable to access information or provide input through online means?

You or your neighbor can provide input in writing and mail or drop it off in a sealed envelope to Master Plan Subcommittee, Planning Board of the Village of Ridgewood, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Furthermore, any important announcements will be posted in the main lobby of Village Hall.

10. Is there anything I can do to help with this process?

Yes! We can always use help getting the word out to people in the Village. If you are or know the point-person responsible for sending e-mail communications for a church, school, civic association, or other type of community-based organization, please include a link to the Our Village, Our Future website. We may have other opportunities for volunteers, which can include high school students (with parents’ permission), to assist in promoting Our Village, Our Future. We will post these opportunities to this website when they arise.

11. What is the timeline for completing this process?

We anticipate that the visioning process will take approximately seven months to complete.

12. Who is leading this initiative?

This initiative is being guided by the Master Plan Subcommittee of the Planning Board, with support from the Village Council. Through a request for proposals and interview process, the Master Plan Subcommittee and the Planning Board recommended the firm NV5, Inc., based in Parsippany, NJ, to lead this process and develop the resulting vision plan. The Village Council subsequently approved the recommendation. NV5’s Community Planning & Urban Design group has experience throughout the Northeast and in New Jersey with projects like Our Village, Our Future.

Composition of the Master Plan Subcommittee:

  • Richard Joel, Planning Board Chair
  • Joel Torielli, Planning Board Vice Chair
  • Susan Knudsen, Deputy Mayor
  • Melanie McWilliams

NV5, Inc.:

  • Neil Desai, AICP PP, Project Manager
  • Annette Schultz, AICP PP
  • Rachana Sheth
  • Chris Lucas, AICP LEED ND
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Village of Ridgewood Snow removal and Garbage Pick Up

Snow Blizzard of 2016 Ridgewood CBD

file photo by Boyd Loving 

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Ridgewood NJ , its that time of the year again and we have already had one serious snow storm ,so the Village sent out a reminder on garbage pickup and snow removal. 

We have already experienced our first snow and ice event. As a reminder, if it is snowing when you leave your home in the morning or if it is icy, please place your garbage cans at the end of your driveway for collection. The Village will resume rear yard garbage collection as quickly as possible after the snowstorm, but please continue to put your garbage cans at the end of your driveway until you have a clear path to them.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our Village employees safe.

If it is snowing or going to snow overnight, please do not park your vehicles on the streets, in order to allow our plows to do their work in clearing the snow.  All sidewalks in residential districts must be cleared within 24 hours of the snow falling. Please do not place snow into the street; instead, place it back onto your own property.  In addition, if you have a fire hydrant on your property, please clear it of any snow accumulation.