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Reader asks,”Is N.J. Transit airing racist commercials?”

“So. This photo is from the second N.J. Transit “If You See Something, Say Something” Commercial. They both depict three different suspicions “people” leaving things behind and / or taking photos of surveillance cameras. All three suspicious people? You guessed it. White males. Nice message N.J. Transit!!! Personally, I’m appalled. “

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Reader asks Will the Village Prorate Parking Fees for Tag Holders

” Purchasers of premium parking hang tags allowing for parking in the train station lot should be refunded a portion of their purchase price. I paid for 12 months of parking. Not 8-9 months. This project was surely known about when the tags went on sale in December 2018. Nothing was said to purchasers about this 1/4 year project which materially diminishes the value of a station parking tag (whose purchase price which went from $1000 to $1300 in the space of a year). “

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Transit Chaos at WrestleMania Underscore Need to ‘ Complete the Loop’ To Secaucus Junction

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East Rutherford NJ, The transit crisis that stranded fans attending WrestleMania 35 at MetLife Stadium this weekend threatens the success of future events, including the World Cup, the American Dream complex and other potentially-lucrative events, such as future Super Bowls and WrestleManias, Senator Paul Sarlo said today.

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NJ Transit Hosts Open House for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Prime Contractors, First Time in Ten Years


file photo by Boyd Loving


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Ridgewood NJ, NJ TRANSIT hosted a packed event with prime contractors, small businesses and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) today, showcasing upcoming capital construction projects, and opportunities to connect and do business with the agency. Approximately 150 people attended the event to learn more about over $800 million in contracting opportunities in capital projects that will be available in the upcoming year.

Attendees of the conference heard from NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Kevin Corbett and New Jersey State Diversity Officer Hester Agudosi, who underscored the State’s commitment to rebuilding infrastructure and investing in state-of-good-repair projects, and the commitment to diversify and build capacity in the contracting pool.

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“Doomsday Plan” For Hudson Tunnel Failure

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Gottheimer, King Announce Bill Demanding “Doomsday Plan” For Tunnel Failure

What Do We Do When the Train Tunnels Fail and We Can’t Get In or Out of New York City?

Ridgewood NJ, Congressmen Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05) and Peter King (NY-02) announced their new bill to demand an economic estimate and contingency plan for the “Doomsday” scenario where one of the two North River Tunnels must be shut down beneath the Hudson River.

The North River Tunnels carry 200,000 travelers daily and are crumbling after damage from over 100 years of use and flooding during Superstorm Sandy. On Tuesday, the Regional Plan Association released “A Preventable Crisis,” a report outlining the catastrophic economic consequences of a tunnel being shut down.

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High Winds Take Down Tree at Glen Rock Train Station

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

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Glen Rock NJ, Several vehicles were damaged on Monday morning, 02/25, when a large tree limb fell into a parking lot of the Main Line Train Station on Rock Road in Glen Rock, Glen Rock Police responded to identify the impacted vehicle owners and to process a property damage report. Glen Rock DPW workers were summoned to remove the fallen limb. No injuries were reported.

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Reader suggests ways to improve the Ridgewood Commute

photo courtesy of RH

First – add the damn spaces at the train station right away. What is the delay???

Next – cancel the garage. Repave that lot and re-stripe it, reduce the access~egress curb cuts to just one or two. This will add a ton of spaces.

Next – reduce the cost of commuter parking passes. It is ridiculously high now (but not as high as Voigt had suggested when he laughingly said it should be $1500 because the people in Ridgewood could afford it).

Next – put parking at the lot behind Ben and Jerry’s where that old garage was. Plenty of space there and only a two block walk to the train station.

Next – make the meters stop at 6 PM once again. 8 PM is way too late. Also, please have FREE parking on Saturdays throughout the year.

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Bus Fire on Washington Avenue in Twp. of Washington

Photo credit Chief Dan Schuster Woodcliff Lake Fire Dept.

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Twp of Washington NJ, on December 28 at 6:43pm the Twp of Washington Fire Department responded to a bus fire on Washington Avenue. The bus had no passengers. Woodcliff Lake Fire Dept provided standby. Twp of Washington Ambulance Corp and Hillsdale Ambulance  also responded to the scene.  Twp of Washington Police handled traffic. Fire was extinguished and no injuries were reported.

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Reader says , “The cost of an annual parking pass as a resident is almost double other towns”

The cost of parking at the train station for residents is now 11.00 a day, 55 a week, 220 a month. That is not the cost of an annual parking pass just what you pay now as a resident. Almost double other towns. Also almost impossible for a resident to get a spot after 7am as out of town permits are also sold with no preference for residents. Traffic in the area is just awful getting in and out of the station with no easy pickup or discharge

Finally no overnight parking so god forbid you work at night or decide to stay in NYC for the night.

The change in Secaucus to get to midtown is ridiculous. RW has lost its role as a easy commuter station. Residents are neglected, trains are unreliable, the buses are problematic, parking is expensive, and village/school/ state taxes are a mess. Does anyone see this getting better or plans to address.

Where to go? Great question. But with kids out of schools, 35k in taxes, terrible and expense commute, 110k school budget with declining rankings and property values declining maybe the question is how soon to go ?

When many of my neighbors can appeal their taxes every year due to declining values is that a good indicator of our future values?

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Reader says ,”the commute to NYC from Ridgewood is horrendous, time consuming, and undependable”

“Unless you work in Hoboken, the Exchange Place area of Jersey City, or lower Manhattan (near World Trade), the commute to NYC from Ridgewood is horrendous, time consuming, and undependable. Northern NJ communities served by NJ Transit’s Midtown Direct Service are becoming increasing more appealing to home buyers, as evidenced by the skyrocketing prices of homes and bidding wars taking place in Montclair, Glen Ridge, Chatham, Millburn, Summit, etc.”