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New Jersey Department of Health Reports Fourth Pediatric Flu Death This Season


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Ridgewood NJ, A fourth New Jersey child has died from flu complications this season, Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal announced today.

The toddler, from northern New Jersey, died in a hospital early March and had several underlying medical conditions. To protect patient privacy, the Department will not be releasing additional information.

“I am deeply saddened for the family of this young child,” Commissioner Elnahal said. “We are still seeing high flu activity across the state. It’s not too late to get a flu shot to protect yourself and others who may not be able to get vaccinated for medical reasons.”

It is especially important for children, the elderly, health care workers and people with certain health conditions who are at high risk for serious flu complications to get vaccinated, Commissioner Elnahal emphasized. Influenza can cause severe illness and unfortunately can be deadly, especially in these vulnerable populations. 

The Department also recommends that people take necessary precautions during this flu season: wash or disinfect your hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, stay home and call your health care provider if you are sick (especially with a fever).

Residents can find flu vaccination clinics by calling their local health department or by visiting

Local health department contact information can be found here: 

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Protect yourself against Medicare scams


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Ridgewood NJ, Assemblyman Kevin J Rooney shared some information from the FTC website in order to protect yourself from Medicare Scams .

Still getting calls from people claiming to be from Medicare, asking for money or personal information?

Here are a few important tips from the Federal Trade Commission:

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Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

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In everyday life, people suffer harms caused by others. It is an inevitable consequence of living in any society. If specific legal requirements are met, individuals who suffer certain harms can seek compensation for the damages they may have incurred because of the harm.

This is done through the filing of a personal injury claim. Within this claim, the damages and the cause of the damages will be stated (known as the cause of action) and will be the basis of the lawsuit.

Claims against businesses

All brick-and-mortar businesses have to meet and maintain certain standards of care for the benefit of their customers and the public in general. If a business fails to meet these standards and someone is harmed at that business, then the business owner may be held liable.

The easiest example to think of is the classic slip-and-fall scenario. If a patron slips on butter near the kitchen, on the way to the restroom, then the restaurant owner may be held liable in court.

Businesses are also responsible for the safety of the products they produce. Before any company puts a product into the marketplace, they are required by law to be sure that it will not cause any foreseeable harm to those who buy it. Failure to do so can result in serious financial liability for the company.

For example, if a defective cell phone model has exploded and harmed numerous people, then the manufacturer may be on the hook for millions. Another example would be a set of tires that came off the line defective and caused a crash, or even restaurants, which are responsible for the quality of their food. If a restaurant is found to be the source of an illness that sickened its patrons, then that restaurant may soon be the target of one or more lawsuits.

Vehicular claims

Car accidents account for a large percentage of personal injuries in the United States. This is why insurance is an important requirement. However, in many cases, injured parties will have to bring a personal injury claim separate from their insurance claim, especially if the insurance provisions are inadequate to cover the damages.

How these damages are calculated varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Jeff Preszler, a personal injury lawyer in Ontario, explains that Ontario courts follow the functional approach of calculating non-pecuniary damages; this approach seeks to provide the victim with enough funds to offer “reasonable solace” for their loss. However, other jurisdictions may use other approaches.

Wrongful death

When a person is killed because of another’s action or failure to act, the criminal law gets involved. However, it is not the only legal remedy for victims’ loved ones. Civil law allows certain people of relation to the victim, such as a spouse or child, to file a claim for wrongful death and seek damages. This legal action is not subject to the results of a criminal trial for the same act.

For example, a defendant is arrested and charged with murder. He successfully defends himself at trial and is acquitted. Even though he was found not guilty, the defendant may still be held responsible for that death in civil court. This is because the standard of proof is higher in criminal cases than it is in civil actions.

In criminal cases, a defendant must be found guilty of a homicide or any other crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Whereas in civil court, a defendant is found to be responsible for a death based on a preponderance of the evidence, which requires less legal proof than the reasonable doubt standard.

Defamation of character

The law recognizes a person’s reputation and character as an extension of their own self. Therefore, if a person or business damages the character or reputation of another, they may be held liable for defamation. If the defamation occurs in written form, it is called libel. A newspaper that publishes unfounded statements or lies about someone, risks being sued for libel. If the defamation is done verbally, then the cause of action would be slander. A talk show host, spreading lies about a celebrity on their show would be a case of slander.

It is important to note that truth, no matter how damaging, is one of the defenses against a charge of slander or libel. If a newspaper prints an article about how a certain celebrity is a thief, and that celebrity is in fact a thief, then there is no defamation, no matter how badly the celebrity’s character has been damaged by the printing of the article.

The harms caused by animals

Pets are interwoven into the fabric of human society. Because of this, pet owners are legally required to maintain a standard of care with their pets, in order to keep the public safe. One obvious law that helps keep the public safe from pets is the leash law, which obligates the owner to have his dog on a leash when out in public.

Even when not in public, dog and other pet owners still have the responsibility of protecting the public. Adequate fencing is a must. If a dog gets away from its property because of a hole in the fence, and attacks a passerby, the dog’s owner is most likely liable for the damages caused by the bite and quite possibly other damages, such as harm caused by the infliction of emotional stress.

If you are the victim of a harm that has caused you damage, the civil law may likely have a remedy for you. The list of harms above is not comprehensive, and the examples are there to give you just an idea of the breadth of cases that are actionable with a personal injury claim.

It is recommended that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you do indeed believe you have a valid claim. An experienced attorney specializing in personal injury cases will review your case and will help you decide the best course of action for your circumstance.

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Teaneck Man Charged With Embezzlement from an Employee Retirement Plan

Teaneck NJ, The trustee of a pension fund has been indicted for embezzling from an employee benefits plan and failing to file annual reports for the plan, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced today.

Howard Preschel, 62, of Teaneck, New Jersey, is charged by indictment with 10 counts of embezzlement from an employee benefit plan and three counts of failure to file an annual report. He surrendered on March 12, 2019, and made his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge James C. Clark III. Preschel was released on $100,000 unsecured bond.

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TONIGHT: The Legendary Lady Singers

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Mahwah NJ, Ridgewood own Sherma Andrews, creator, producer, and performer of The Legendary LadySingers Show where she showcases female legends who have influenced her musically. Sat. March 16, 8 pm .

Today at 8 PM – 11 PM

The Berrie Center
505 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430


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Call it What You Will, its Still “Xanadu” to Us ….


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East Rutherford  NJ,  according to Governor Phil Murphy the opening date for the American Dream Mall , originally projected for April, has been pushed back to at least late spring. “First of all, it’s happening. American Dream is happening,” Murphy said. “To the best of my knowledge, the last time I asked, it had slipped, I had thought, closer to June.” Murphy made these not-so-surprising remarks in a brief, one-minute response to a reporter’s question at an unrelated press conference at West Orange High School, where he was talking about school funding. He made the assertion based on his last conversations with the project’s representatives.

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New Jersey State Police Issues Commercial Vehicle Travel Restriction

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West Trenton, N.J. – Colonel Patrick J. Callahan has announced a commercial vehicle travel restriction due to the anticipated severity of the impending winter storm.

Effective Sunday, March 3 at 3:00 p.m., there will be a commercial vehicle travel restriction for the following roadways:

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Pedestrian Deaths Reach Highest Level in Nearly 30 Years Nationwide

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Ridgewood NJ, according to the AP the number of pedestrian deaths in the U.S. reached a nearly 30-year high in 2018. A report released on Thursday sites smartphone distraction and the growing prevalence of SUVs as possible factors.

Last year an estimated 6,227 people died on foot from car crashes nationwide,  the most since 1990, according to the report. Pedestrian deaths now account for about 16% of motor-vehicle crash deaths, up from 12% a decade ago. In that span, all other traffic deaths grew by less than 5%.

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Developing Your Ecommerce Store Brand

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Ridgewood NJ, With billions of consumers shopping online everyday, neglecting your ecommerce brand is never a good idea. To lead a small business well, you must be able to present a consistent brand. By developing a consistent brand and molding it to consumer expectations, your ecommerce site can become very successful. However, making too many changes to your brand may alarm a steady flow of consumers. However, neglecting to create and evolve your brand can stunt ecommerce growth. Consider some ways that you can develop a top-tier ecommerce brand for a business that thrives.

Stick to Your Brand’s Values and Mission Statement

If you look around at every eminent online retailers, they are known for stellar values and outstanding mission statements that revolve around the consumers that they serve. Consistency with your brand’s values and mission statement is key to building a solid brand. The sooner that you commit to developing an original brand, the quicker that your ecommerce store can reap the benefits. Developing a brand online requires defining a clear mission that resonates with customers, and sticking to the values that consumers look for. Once you start to define the pillars of your brand, you can construct your ecommerce store to reflect them. Brand pillars provide a strong foundation, so your business plans and marketing strategy should support these factors. Brands that build a reputation for quality products, meaningful innovations, and excellent customer service often outshine their competitors.

Use Social Media to Skyrocket Your Brand

The Pew Research Center reports that tons of people from various demographic populations log in to social media on a daily basis. Social media platforms are ripe with branding opportunities. In this day and age, any ecommerce store that wants to attain maximum growth must brand itself well on social media. This makes social media a ripe terrain for popularizing your brand and taking your ecommerce store to the next level. In addition to spreading knowledge of your brand using great posts and vivid images, the capacity to go viral at a moment’s notice is very real. Collaborating with social media influencers who have responsive followers can also prove to be a source of welcome attention and sales.

Utilize Split Testing to Increase Conversions

Using split testing can help you decide the best brand colors, logo designs, headlines, captions, placement settings, and a host of other factors to increase conversions in your ecommerce store. If customer traffic is already booming and feedback is positive, then no major changes are necessary. Instead, you can influence customers to promote and share information and reviews about your business. Examining your conversion rates to determine traffic flow and click-through rates to your landing and checkout pages can help you benefit from the traffic you have, and raise those rates.

Alter the Consumer Experience Through Feedback

Maintaining consistent feedback with consumers is important to build a recognizable brand. An ecommerce store that lacks an alluring brand can quickly fall to the wayside. Business owners who are deciding what changes to make to their site should consider consumer feedback before making a move. If people are already responding to you brand, you may simply need to increase traffic. Using a effective magento enterprise alternative can help business owners create a captivating ecommerce site that proves a superior experience for consumers. With an attractive ecommerce site, it is easier to get consumers to make a purchase, and return for more. However, if people already approve and celebrate your brand, making too many changes to can shake up loyal members in your customer base.

Changing your company’s logo or name is often not a good idea if you have already created a significant following, but focusing on improving customer the experience is necessary. Although a brand’s mission and overall values should remain consistent, the experience your brand offers may require an upgrade The Medium suggests that customers are looking for a fantastic experience, and you can elevate your brand by providing one. Modern consumers appreciate and enjoy a highly functional website, excellent loading speeds, a smooth purchasing process, and a variety of payment options. By enhancing factors that affect the customer experience, you increase satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

The overflow of technological changes has caused many business owners to revamp their brands to gain customers and maintain relevance in the market. If you already have a unique brand, you should think twice about changing major factors associated with it. If your site is having trouble attracting consumers, then revamping your brand may be one of the wisest choices that you can make. Companies are also making the decision to link together with other companies (B2B) to grow to tremendous heights. Understanding if you need to be more flexible with your brand depends on the feedback you receive from customers. In order to make the right decisions, you need to have an accurate perspective of how consumers see your brand , and then use that information to guide you forward.

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Ridgewood NJ, while the state waits patiently under the cover of darkness for a “major rain/ snow storm” . The governor promptly called a state of emergency at 12pm today and the New Jersey State Police ordered a ban of all commercial vehicles on major New Jersey highways a more disturbing development has taken place . With resources already stretched to the brink there is now a LIZZARD WARNING !