Rat-borne disease now killing dogs in New Jersey

file photo by William Thomas

PARAMUS, N.J. — Health officials in New Jersey are warning pet owners about a deadly disease that is passed through rats.

Veterinarians in the state say they have seen a rise in the number of dogs who have contracted leptospirosis this year. The disease — known in some parts of the world […]

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Reader says the Feds want to get in the pot business for tax reasons

The Empty Suit (BOOKER)must have spent too much time in the “Choom Wagon”. To have the Feds get in the pot business for tax reasons as the country further stupifys itself is insane. The latest buzz is about an opioid crisis and the government wants to sue the drug manufacturers. If they could collect taxes […]

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Most DC wage-hike backers don’t even pay their interns

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) all do not pay interns but support the minimum wage photo of Cory Booker by Boyd Loving 

By Jonathon Trugman

August 12, 2017 | 10:53pm

One of the most valuable things a college student can do is complement his or her education with […]

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Colorado shows why legalizing marijuana is bad policy

Jeff Hunt is the vice president of public policy at Colorado Christian University.

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., has introduced the Marijuana Justice Act in an effort to legalize marijuana across the nation. This is the furthest-reaching legalization effort to date and marks another sad moment in our nation’s embrace of a drug that will have generational […]

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Fair Lawn Fire Department Responds to Smoking Pile of Garbage

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

August 10,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Fair Lawn NJ, Fair Lawn Fire Department responded to a sanitation truck fire at the Nabisco bakery, 22-11 Route 208, Fair Lawn, on Wednesday morning, 08/09. The truck had dumped the burning contents of its payload on the ground prior to the arrival of […]

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file photo


Judge ruled South Brunswick must build 3,000 units of affordable housing, but township wants decision set aside due to ‘appearance of impropriety’

New Jersey’s only municipality to receive its affordable-housing obligation from a judge’s order is continuing to appeal that number, even as construction is underway on the first new […]

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Pompton Lakes police officer was killed in Collision With Deer

August 10,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Pompton Lakes NJ, A Pompton Lakes police officer was killed early Wednesday morning in a collision  with a deer and was thrown from his Harley Davidson Motorcycle while driving home from work on a township road.

From the Pompton Lakes Police department , “It is with great sorrow that the Pompton […]

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Glen Rock High School Athletic Complex Turf Field Sinkhole Under Repair

Photo Glen Rock Board Interim Superintendent Bruce Watson

August 10,2017
Bruce Watson Interim Superintendent

Glen Rock NJ, On Saturday, Aug. 5, a sinkhole appeared at the southeast corner of the football field.
District employees quickly responded to the situation and secured the area. The hole was appropriately covered, gates to the field and track were locked, and signage was posted, […]

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Will Menendez Walk?

file photo by Boyd Loving

AUGUST 09, 2017

Micah Morrison is chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch

A criminal indictment is a beautiful thing—an austere document, grave and fateful. Who is charged with committing what crimes, and where, and when, and how? What laws have been violated? In it rests the fearsome power of the state. From it […]

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N.J. company tests waters of Airbnb-style backyard pool rentals, report says

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By Jeff Goldman

LAKEWOOD —  A fledgling Lakewood company is attempting to put its own twist on Airbnb stays.

Instead of helping you arrange a short-term rental your home, Pool For U will put your backyard swimming pool on the market, according to […]

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