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Harvard Crushes The “Obama Recovery” Farce With 9 Simple Charts


by Tyler Durden
Sep 16, 2016 3:10 AM

A couple of months back we posted 9 charts that, at least in our minds, debunked the myth of the “Obama Recovery” despite suggestions from the administration that any such efforts were just a futile attempt at “peddling fiction” (our original post: “These Are The 9 Zero Hedge Charts Showing “Obama’s Recovery” That Angered The Washington Post”).

Turns out that Harvard likes to dabble in “fiction peddling” as well:

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3 Reasons Military Veterans Make Topnotch Employees


August 1,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Politicians call them heroes and strangers thank them for their service.

But when their enlistment comes to an end, veterans need more than a pat on the back as they return to civilian life. They need jobs.

And increasingly, they seem to be getting them because the unemployment rate among veterans has been on the decline in recent years. In May, the veteran unemployment rate was 3.4 percent, down from 5 percent for the same month in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That compares to a 4.7 percent overall unemployment rate.

“I think in the last several years there has been a focus on the importance of hiring veterans and many businesses have taken that to heart,” says Nick Baucom, a U.S. Marine veteran who makes hiring veterans a priority for his company, Two Marines Moving (

“But probably the biggest reason that the unemployment rate for veterans has trended downward is that, as a group, veterans bring with them experience and attitudes that make them great employees.”

Baucom’s moving company employs more than 100 veterans between its two locations – the Washington, D.C., area and Miami. He’s wants to hire more because his company is booked three to four weeks in advance and he could use the extra help.

“But with the unemployment rate for veterans dropping, it’s becoming more challenging to hire them,” says Baucom, who also is author of “On the Move: A Marine’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success.”

“I can’t complain too much, though, because I’m glad so many other employers are seeing the benefits of having veterans in their workforce.”

Baucom says there are several reasons veterans make topnotch employees, including:

• Their tenacity. Veterans know what perseverance is all about, if for no other reason than they survived boot camp, an arduous challenge that puts a person’s fortitude to to the test. Marines, for example, must prove they can hike 20 miles carrying a fully loaded pack.
• Their decisiveness. People in the military don’t always have the luxury of taking all day to analyze a situation before making a decision. Yes, they must gather data and understand it thoroughly – but they understand the need to do it expediently. “A 90 percent solution now is better than a 100 percent solution later,” Baucom says. “Both in the Marines and in the business world, I’ve found that waiting for that 100 percent solution just leads to paralysis.”
• Their initiative. Anyone in the military learns to follow orders. But they also understand that there are situations when they need to take action in the absence of orders. If something needs to be done, they don’t have to wait to be told.

“I know that Marines go through quite an ordeal in their training and in carrying out their missions,” Baucom says. “When we ask them to move a piano, it probably doesn’t seem all that difficult in comparison.”

About Nick Baucom

Nick Baucom is the founder and owner of Two Marines Moving (, a moving company that has operations in the Washington, D.C., area and Miami. Baucom, who also is author of “On the Move: A Marine’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success,” served in the U.S. Marines from 2002 to 2008, and was in Iraq in 2003.

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Google Ad Business Under Scrutiny as EU Said to Revive Probe


EU officials quizzed firms involved in advertising market
Escalation comes as Google CEO Pichai set to meet with EU

The European Union is reviving a probe into Google’s advertising practices with an inquiry that adds to active EU antitrust investigations into the company’s mobile operating system and shopping search services.

The EU has been quizzing companies involved in online advertising in recent weeks about Google’s behavior, according to three people with knowledge of the investigation who asked not to be named because the process is confidential. Officials are seeking data that may be used to build a so-called statement of objections listing areas where they suspect Google breaches antitrust rules, they said.

Google’s $1 billion payment to Apple Inc. to keep its search bar on the iPhone is one of the kind of exclusivity agreements regulators are looking at, one of the people said. The EU move rekindles part of a probe they first announced in 2010 into contracts with websites that shut out non-Google advertising services and deals with computer and software vendors that prevent them using other search tools.

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What is the Real Reason Capitalism Has Such a Bad Rep?



What is the Real Reason Capitalism Has Such a Bad Rep?

Why does the word “capitalism” have such a bad rep? People all over the world hear the word and immediately begin thinking of Uncle Sam with money signs in his eyes, big, mean businesses, and the poor in need of Robin Hood. After years of hearing people trash the term, we set out to find the reason why the word is hated so much.

Some believe the word is something people use to scare others. Reddit user Czth notes, “Too many people use ‘capitalism’ to mean their own private ‘bogeyman.’” Is this true? Do people use the word capitalism put blame, worry, and fear into others as a way to go against “the man?”

But others aren’t so sure that that is the only reason why people “hate” capitalism. Many people think that the reason the word is so feared is because it’s what we’re being taught from a young age.

There have been theories that it has to do with the public school system. What are our children being taught? How does it affect their way of thinking? Reddit user Faceh states:

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