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Opening of coffee stand completes renovations at Ridgewood train station




Ridgewood NJ, Amelia Ortiz had some extra pep in her step as she boarded her train Wednesday morning. It might have been the coffee.

Flo’s Depot at the Ridgewood train station officially opened for business Tuesday morning, exactly one week after its originally scheduled unveiling. No one, including Ortiz, seemed to mind the seven-day delay – after all, they have been waiting for almost five years for a coffee stand to re-open at the spot.

When New Jersey Transit began a multi-million dollar renovation project and forced the last coffee stand to permanently close its doors in 2009, morning rail riders were compelled to seek their caffeine jolts and breakfasts-on-the-go from other sources. For those residents opting against a travel mug of java from home, the extra stop at a nearby shop or bakery posed a minor inconvenience.


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Reader says politicians and NJT should try commuting sometime before making infrastructure decisions


Orange safety hat , for business attire

Reader says politicians and NJT should try commuting sometime before making infrastructure decisions.

I hope this person will be alright. It looks like the guy was walking home from the train. Last I checked day glow yellow suits are not really appropriate for business, so let’s cut him some slack about attire.

We are on track for a horrific accident at the intersection of Broad and Franklin now that the train station renovation forces commuters to cross at the underpass. There are no crossing signals. Cars coming through the underpass and making a right turn are not expecting people to be stepping off the curb right by the corner. More people are going to get hit. Maybe the politicians and NJT should try commuting sometime before making infrastructure decisions.

I am confident that nobody on the board at NJT eats their own cooking. The conditions at Penn are atrocious. Transferring at SEC is ridiculous in the mornings. And the station rebuild at RGWD is terrible. It is as if no part of that project was designed to improve the quality of commuting for non-ADA impacted people (99.999% of the people who use that station).

And yes, crossing at the corner of Franklin and Broad is about 10 times as dangerous as crossing Broad mid-block. There needs to be a full stop on green for right turns from Franklin to Broad, or at least better lighting on that corner. Good luck getting NJT to address it; they won’t even clear the snow from that corner, and evidently neither will Ridgewood.

Eventually you will see a traffic light on Franklin and Chestnut, too.

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NJ Transit has made the commute from Ridgewood a nightmare



NJ Transit has made the commute from Ridgewood a nightmare

NJ Transit has made the commute from Ridgewood a nightmare. Express service pretty much cancelled — after a $40 million renovation just two years ago to build this big station, it is now no longer a key express stop per the schedule. Trains are so constantly overcroweded that there are fights (literally) over space to get on the trains. Emails, letters and calls go unanswered.

Now, we have large Advertisements for Empire Casino “decorating” the “RIDDGEWOOD” signs at this new station. I am all in favor of advertisements to reduce the financial strain on riders — but were these ad placements part of the drawings? I dont recall seeing them. Village officials never should have agreed to such a large expansion of the station and large advertisements for NY casinos without a committment from NJ Transit to maintain certain service levels. (BTW – why would a NJ based organization like NJ Transit agree to place large ads for a NY casino on its property when Atlantic City is suffering???) Hopefully this will serve as a warning to future Village leaders not to trust NJ Transit.

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Ridgewood Train Station plaza parking lot is reopened a day ahead of schedule

Ridgewood _Train_station_theridgewoodblog

Photo from the Ridgewood Police Department

Ridgewood Train Station plaza parking lot is reopened a day ahead of schedule.

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Advertising placements at Ridgewood train station pitched



Ridgewood NJ, Village officials remain on the fence about several aspects of New Jersey Transit’s (NJT) proposal to sell advertising space at the Ridgewood train station.

New Jersey Transit is proposing the placement of advertisements on platforms and the pedestrian underpass at the Ridgewood train station. Council members and other residents left last week’s work session meeting with a better understanding of NJT’s plan; however, many were not yet convinced that the initial ideas presented by NJT representatives are in the village’s best interest.

In addition, some council members suggested that the transportation corporation, which operates the country’s largest statewide public transit system, must completely fulfill the obligations of the recent $40 million renovation before moving forward with the advertising project.

As of early this week, NJT and its advertising contractor, Titan Outdoor, had hopes of working with the village to sell and install advertising placards at the train station. Transit officials are targeting spots on the platforms and the station building as well as the walls of the pedestrian underpass. The ultimate goal for both NJT and the village is an increase in revenue, transportation officials said.


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Ridgewood council discusses underpass upgrades at train station…again


Photo by Boyd Loving


Ridgewood NJ, A conceptual plan to improve the pedestrian underpass at the Ridgewood train station has piqued interest among several council members, who last Wednesday expressed desire to meet with New Jersey Transit (NJT) officials and discuss the potential ideas.

NJT recently completed a $40 million renovation project at the station to make Ridgewood’s transit hub accessible to disabled passengers and more convenient for all riders. That project, however, did not include improvement work to the underpass.

In its current condition, the underground walkway shows deteriorated walls, exposed rebar and general disrepair. Though it is out of sight to many village residents, the passageway is an eyesore to those who use it.


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Ridgewood train station renovations to be finished this fall



the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey Transit (NJT) is wrapping up the last of its major renovations at the Ridgewood train station and putting the finishing touches on the project in anticipation of its expected fall completion date.

The extensive $41 million construction project, which began in early 2009, was undertaken with the intent of making the station accessible to disabled passengers and more convenient for all commuters. Since then, the station has seen a raised platform replace the previously existing one on the station’s west side, the installation of 350-foot canopies over the tracks, new stairs, parking improvements and renovations to the station’s restrooms and ticket booth.

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Local Real Estate Tycoon Proposes Valet Parking Lot At Wilsey Square


>During last night’s Village Council Work Session, local real estate developer Nick Tsapatsaris revealed his conceptual plan to offer valet parking at Wilsey Square. The developer hopes to have his operation up and running prior to the start of NJ Transit’s upcoming train station renovation project.

Tsapatsaris, owner of a commercial office building at 20 Wilsey Square, informed Council members of his plan to install several parking lifts on property located directly behind the Exxon station on Godwin Avenue, just south of Wilsey Square. According to Tsapatsaris, an increase of 70 parking spaces could be achieved in the area by deploying parking lifts on the identified property.

Under Tsapatsaris’ plan, drivers would exit their cars directly in front of his building at 20 Wilsey Square. A valet parking attendant would then take over. No car owners would be permitted in the area where the parking lifts operate.

Council members thanked Mr. Tsapatsaris for his presentation and suggested he move his proposal forward by submitting an application to either the Board of Adjustment or Planning Board.

Tsapatsaris is a member of the Ridgewood Planning Board.


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Train Station Renovation Trumps Ground Breaking of Planned North Walnut Street Parking Garage

Ridgewood _Train_station_theridgewoodblog

During this evening’s Village Council Work Session, Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve revealed that ground breaking for the proposed parking garage on North Walnut Street will not take place until at least the year 2011.

New Jersey Transit has officially informed Village officials that bids for the ADA compliant renovation of Ridgewood’s train station will be advertised in June of 2008. The New Jersey Transit Board of Directors expects to award bids in September of 2008, with construction scheduled to begin in early 2009. The train station renovation project will take until 2011 to complete.

Since existing parking at and near the train station will be disrupted during New Jersey Transit’s massive construction project, Village Council members have wisely elected to avoid their own project, which will cause the temporary elimination of approximately 100 parking spaces on North Walnut Street.

The Fly believes that between now and 2011, parking requirements within the Central Business District will change significantly. Let’s wait at least until 2010 before committing any more money and resources to a parking plan that may be obsolete before construction even begins.

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