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Glen Rock Police Department : Its Fox Season

photo courtesy of NJ State Police

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police Department: As Humans expand their living areas and Fox expand their range, contact between the two is inevitable. Most of the time, Fox go out of their way to avoid humans. In urban areas the Fox are changing their behavior because of human behavior.

The most serious problem is that the animals have become very use to people because they find food left on our properties. As they lose their fear of people they will approach people looking for more food, and may put themselves in hazardous situations that they would normally avoid. That means close garbage cans lids tightly, do not leave any food outside.

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Glen Rock NJ, Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella announced the arrest of DR. CARL RENNER (DOB: 03/13/1952; married; employed as a doctor) of 61 Waldron Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ on a charge of Sexual Assault. The arrest is the result of an investigation conducted by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office under the direction of Chief Robert Anzilotti and the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department under the direction of Chief Michael Colaneri.

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Painmaikapuka, the great rock, Glen Rock

Researched and written by historian Kevin W. Wright, 2015.

Glen Rock NJ, ever wonder where the rock in Glen Rock came from according to the Bergen Historical Society, the rocky residue of glaciation comes in all shapes and sizes, from sand grains and clay particles up to abandoned boulders of often wondrous size. The most conspicuous glacial erratics in our neighborhood, seated in isolated splendor, earned names and had their likenesses published on postcards. Such is the story of the lonely stone-faced giant, Painmaikapuka, better known as the Glen Rock.

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Reminder: Paving of Rock Road and Maple Ave in Glen Rock Thru July !

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Glen Rock NJ, in preparation for the County of Bergen to pave Rock Road and Maple Avenue this summer, the County ADA ramp and curb cuts contractor will be working along Rock Road and Maple Avenue beginning on Tuesday May 28th and is scheduled to work through July 31st . Work hours will be from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The contractor will be starting on Rock Road, from Lincoln Avenue, and will proceed to work on one side of the road at a time. Please be aware of this construction and plan accordingly. This project, and the paving of Rock Road and Maple Avenue will be funded by the County of Bergen.

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Glen Rock Officials Condemn Swastika Incident At School

The Mayor and Council condemn any and all acts of hate. Hate speech and hate in any form is not welcome in Glen Rock.

While the Superintendent and BOE are the appropriate lead on the response in the schools to this incident, we have offered our help and support in any way that they deem necessary.

In the wake of this incident, we urge our community to come together; for us all to speak with our children and our neighbors; to discuss the impact of our words and actions on others, whether or not the intent is malicious.

As a governing body, we will continue to work with the Superintendent and the schools as appropriate, to reinforce the culture of empathy and inclusion that is the hallmark of our community in Glen Rock

Mayor Bruce Packer

Council President Kristine Morieko

Council Member Michael O’Hagan

Council Member Amy Martin

Council Member Bill Leonard

Council Member Arati Kreibich

Council Member Mary Barchetto

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the Fly spy’s Ridgewood Councilman at Glen Rock Pride Event

the fly has noticed Ridgewood councilman, who left the Ridgewood Pride event very soon after it began (and long before the flag was raised on the new pole) , went to the Glen Rock Pride event where he was photographed in a bromance embrace with Hans Lehman, husband of Jan Philips.  So nice that this elected official is more interested in the event at another town than the one he swore to represent. 

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Glen Rock Police and Fire Department Respond to AM 911 at Glen Rock Gas Station

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

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Glen Rock NJ,  Shortly after 9:30 PM on Thursday, 05/16, Glen Rock Police and Glen Rock Fire Department responded to a 911 telephone call reporting that a U-Haul rental truck had struck a gas station building at 390 South Maple Avenue, Glen Rock. First arriving units quickly determined that no one was injured in the mishap, and that damage to the gas station itself was very minimal. However, the truck’s drive shaft was severely damaged rendering the vehicle completely unmovable. A heavy duty tow truck was used extricate the rental vehicle from its post crash resting position and remove it from the scene. No word as to whether the driver would be responsible for towing charges and damages incurred to the vehicle.

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Reader Comments On Night Time Solicitations in Glen Rock

” No permits should be issued by police to allow people to be bothered in their own homes. I would jump a mile if my doorbell rang after 8 PM when I wasn’t expecting anyone. I would not respond, but then there’s the chance that your house is being cased to see if anyone is home, so supposedly you’re better off yelling “No thanks!” Why should the burden fall on a person in his or her own home? All such permit requests should be denied, including political movements and fundraising. I believe this will eventually happen and I hope it’s not because of some awful incident. Sorry, but it’s a new world and the sanctity of the privacy of one’s home must be respected. Fundraising efforts should be directed elsewhere. “

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Glen Rock Police reply to multiple soliciting complaints

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Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police reply to multiple soliciting complaints :

“We have received numerous complaints this evening regarding a company that is soliciting door to door. The company in question has applied for and received solicitor permits from the police department. All solicitors are required to display their Glen Rock Police Department issued permits which include their photo, name, company name, dates valid and permit number. They should be able to provide it to you upon request.

Solicitors are allowed to operate on Monday through Saturday only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Of course, the Glen Rock Police Department will respond and check on any solicitors not showing their permits, who are causing a disturbance, acting suspiciously or appear to be unlicensed to solicit. However, solicitors who are properly licensed and adhering to the rules are allowed to go door to door. “

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Glen Rock Police Seek your Help

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Glen Rock NJ, Over the weekend there was a residential burglary reported to us on Ashton Pl (Saturday 5/4/19 between 9pm and 10pm) and several car burglaries reported to us during the early morning hours (Sunday 5/5/19) in various sections of town. As with any incidents, the Glen Rock Police are asking any residents with video systems or video doorbells to check their footage and report any suspicious persons, vehicles or incidents. Thank you.