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Reader Says One Village One Vote Group ,” trying to spread misinformation to take away people’s voting rights”

Vote Ridgewood NJ

As usual information from Winograd is one sided without all the facts. Thought Lindenberg previously said he wanted accurate information for people to be informed. Why are these people keeping themselves busy trying to spread misinformation to take away people’s voting rights? Stop trying to scare everyone by making Ridgewood voters sound unhinged. Ironic signed by one usually unhinged.

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Reader says , “They don’t care it’s not their money”

” Everyone knew that’s a flood zone. It’s all bullshit. They don’t care it’s not their money. They going to do what they want to do end of the story. Just keep on spending money. People wake up and see how many homes are for sale again this year holy shit. Talk about a revolving door. No one is going to retire in Ridgewood anymore why would you. Family is moving to town to use the school system and they get out. And really at the end of the day it’s still overrated. There are many great talents in school systems around us. Ridgewood is not the best anymore. Period. “

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Reader says , “The field is being replaced at a cost of $600,000 earlier than expected because it was installed in a flood plain”

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” The field is being replaced at a cost of $600,000 earlier than expected because it was installed in a flood plain. In the last 8 years it has happened several times and has required many thousands of dollars in repairs besides the regular maintenance costs. The crumb rubber washes into the abutting brooks and is an environmental hazard. While grass fields are recommended in flood plains, new products are on the market which are made from organic components that are not as hazardous as crumb rubber to the environment and are 30 percent cooler when exposed to the sun which makes the turf service healthier and safer for the players. The new geofill field was recently installed at Maple Field which exists in the same flood plain. It is considered a success by players ,coaches and village administrators and grounds personnel alike. The Board of Education is installing crumb rubber once again. Their logic for doing this defies comprehension. “

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Republican Lawmaker Says Move SDA To Treasury’s Division Of Property Management And Construction

Parsippany NJ, A new proposal by Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce would eliminate the Schools Development Authority and transfer its responsibilities to the Department of Treasury’s Division of Property Management & Construction.

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US News Best High Schools 2019 : Ridgewood High School Ranks 27th


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High is now ranked 27th in NJ and 554th in the country in this influential survey… note there are lots of non-selective schools ahead of RHS in NJ’s top twenty-five, including Jersey City, Elizabeth, Princeton, Chatham, Millburn, West Windsor-Plainsboro, Ridge, Glen Ridge, Mountain Lakes, Summit, and Tenafly.

In other similar rankings RHS ranked #26, #32, and one where it wasn’t even top fifty in the state. I think we ranked 23rd for SAT scores statewide in a survey last year. Ridgewood only scores a 60.4/100 on the college readiness scale in this US News ranking.

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Reader says ,”“It’s hard to assign a “good” or “bad” label on turnout levels”


“It’s hard to assign a “good” or “bad” label on turnout levels. A few benchmarks though, for comparison, of total votes cast in Ridgewood:

– 2019 School election (Apr): 2,473 total votes cast (unofficial)
– 2018 Midterm election (Nov): 11,400 total votes cast for U.S. Senate
– 2018 Midterm election (Nov): 7,663 total votes cast for Ridgewood BOE
– 2016 Presidential election (Nov): 13,308
– 2016 BOE election (Nov): 8,650

So it seems clear that expecting 3x, perhaps even 4x, the turnout by moving the BOE vote (and Village Council vote) to November is a reasonable expectation.”

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Data Says Average April BOE Vote turnout larger than November

the staff of the Riddgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to voter turn out data the average April turnout for Board of Education Elections is actually higher since 2007 than November . Average April turnout is 21% and November is 16%.

This disproves the Board of Ed assertions to the contrary . A reader commented ,” The figures do not support a higher turn out in November. Over the last several years of compiling figures it shows the reverse. In 2016 when it was a presidential election, the numbers were up but not significantly so. Down ballot voting is almost always .lower. The issue for many is that when the Board of Education elections were moved to November, we lost the ability to vote on the budget. When that happens, it is harder to advocate for budgetary items you are for or against. There are fewer presentations and fewer people holding seats choose to listen. We also have seen many uncontested candidates elections. Incumbents keep their seats with little to no challenge. “

Also of interest is that studies made before the move in 2013 concluded that there would be a lack of interest which could result in uncontested BOE Candidate elections . This proved to be true.

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Councilman Says Ridgewood Residents Should Not Vote On School Budget

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, just days after the Ridgewood Board Ed $111 million dollar budget vote a group of Ridgewood residents lead by Councilmen jeff Voigt is already trying to take the ability to vote on the budget away from residents .

In Voigt’s letter to the Ridgewood News he spells out the case for not voting .

The irony is he claims the $50 thousand or so is lot of money to spend on voting for an $111 million dollar budget ,which accounts for over 60% of property taxes Village of Ridgewood and of coarse there is no mentionn of the self serving law suit filed by Board of Ed members paid for with tax payer money looking to prolong their terms . Our suggestion would be the BOE members should pay back the money spent on the law suit .We are sure it will cover the budget vote .

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Reader Suggests Ridgewood Schools Need to Teach Financial Literacy

” Too bad we’re not teaching any REAL financial literacy in the schools (not the cursory required HS financial literacy course)… especially in a “rich” town like Ridgewood.
RW kids should come out of RHS ready to run a business or manage a sophisiticated financial portfolio. Instead they learn how to use a checkbook (a dying financial tool).
If RW was actually still a top tier school district, RHS students would graduate with at minimum a 4 year plan to fund college and enough funds to at minimum pay for freshman year.
Instead we waste precious teaching hours on distribution of wealth, groupism over individualism, the importance of diversity over competency and so forth, not to mention pure time wasters like sleep in days, comfort dogs and the like. “

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Reader sound off on $111 Million Ridgewood School Budget vote


211 voter spread yes vs no

we had a chance to send a message of constraint but the non voters
in an ironic way let the spenders spend.

it’s not their fault individually but when the tax bill comes
non voters dig deep into a pocket of regrets.

towns spending and BOE BUDGETS non sustainable
and is a runaway train signaling time to paint and sell.

wait till the developers get ahold of valley campus..schools
will be flooded with new children.

9 out of 19 districts voted majority “No”. Absentee ballots accounted for 3/4 of the margin of victory for “Yes”. The B of E was nearly embarrassed here.