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Ridgewood School Board Reviews 2019-2020 Proposed Preliminary Budget of $111 Million


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Ridgewood NJ, Dr. Fishbein reviewed the schedule for the state aid numbers from Trenton, which will follow the governor’s budget address on March 5. Accordingly, the March 4 Board meeting will be moved to March 11, with an additional meeting on March 8 at 5 p.m. if needed.

Business Administrator Antoinette Kelly reviewed the basics of budgeting and the big-picture areas of the RPS budget (Special Programs, healthcare costs, staffing, security/technology, capital projects, revenue, appropriations). The slide portion of the presentation, which is posted on the district website, may be viewed here

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Reader says , “Only ONE student was selected to go on to a military academy! That’s just as bad as only 4 merit scholars”

Ridgewood High School class of 2016

“Only ONE student was selected to go on to a military academy! That’s just as bad as only 4 merit scholars. If people don’t want to believe the ratings published in other sources, just look at a TRUE statistic–the total lack of colleges and other such sources who leap to grab a promising Ridgewood student before someone else grabs him/her. That basically means that it doesn’t mean a darn thing to anyone who counts if you graduated from Ridgewood. Colleges used to race each other to get an out-standing student. Our own daughter had a giant box filled with applications sent to her. How many students can say that now? (now it’s probably e-mails but I’m willing to bet that even they lack in both quantity and quality.) A student used to be told to apply to at least 4 schools–now even 10 isn’t enough.”

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Reader says , ” those who hesitate to post on FB are the ones who fear that the BOE would go after their kids”

just as some people hesitate to post on Facebook because of “various reasons,” on the flip side some people post planted information on FB even if they don’t believe it. If you work for an organization, for example, you might hate every person who supervises you, but still you would post praise in order to keep your job.

In the case of this BOE mess, I think those who hesitate to post on FB are the ones who fear that the BOE would go after their kids in some way if negative postings came from the parents. And if you think this is a stretch, you are wrong, it has happened many times.

So the BLOG is the one place where everyone can be honest. I am betting that HASA president or whatever she is might be posting completely different opinions here on The BLOG.


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Ridgewood Board of Education Reorganization Summary

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving


Candidates for Board – Three Year Term
Cristopher Kaufman: 4,579
B. Vincent Loncto: 3,055
Personal Choice: 29      

Total November Election Votes Cast: 11,400

Newly elected Board member Cristopher Kaufman was sworn in, followed by a roll call of the Board and nominations and election of a new Board president and vice president. Jennie Smith Wilson was elected President. James Morgan was elected Vice President.


Dr. Fishbein provided an update on the status of the Board goals at this mid-point in the school year, as follows: 

1) Negotiations with the REA have been completed with an approved REA contract; RAA negotiations will be starting;

 2) Identification of capital projects for a bond referendum will be starting with meeting with LAN Associates; 

3) Full-Day Kindergarten update will be presented to the Board at the April 29 meeting; 

4) Special Education Department study to be reported on this spring; 

5) Community Strategic Planning consultants are being interviewed at this time.