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New Spending :Blame it on Ridgewood Voters


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, many readers challenge the Ridgewood blog’s constant assertion that the Paul Aronsohn administration (ie… the three amigos) represented the low point in Village of Ridgewood history and the turning point from the Village being a very special place to a run of the mill New Jersey town.

Voters in New Jersey never like to admit their folly but the reality is this :

The election of Mayor Paul Aronsohn ushered in 4 high density housing developments in the Central Business District .

Let us spell out what did this mean for the Village , it means an enormous increase in the population of the CBD and the Village of Ridgewood . Which means; more investment in school construction , more construction of parking facilities , more construction of water infrastructure , more investment in roads and traffic signals , sewage and more investment in Police , Fire and Emergency services .

All this now very necessary spending will raise the costs (ie…taxes)and lower the quality of life in the Village .

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Bergen Parks Department Truck Crashes into Office Building in Ridgewood’s CBD

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A dump truck emblazoned with a seal from the County of Bergen Parks Department crashed into a Ridgewood office building in the Central Business District on Wednesday afternoon, 01/30, damaging at least four (4) vehicles parked there. The driver fled the scene in the damaged truck, but was apprehended shortly thereafter by Ridgewood Police officers. Before being taken into custody for unspecified charges, the driver was evaluated for a minor hand injury by Ridgewood EMTs. Firefighters from Ridgewood Fire Department and officials from the Village of Ridgewood’s Building Department were observed evaluating the structure to determine the extent of damage. The building, located at 257 East Ridgewood Avenue, the former Sealfons department store building houses PNC bank, real estate, and medical offices. Personnel from the Bergen County Prosecutor’s and Bergen County Sheriff’s Offices were assisting Ridgewood Police in processing the scene(s) and interviewing the driver. No injuries were reported by any occupants of the office building, which was evacuated immediately after it was struck.

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Reel Voices Film Festival Presents : King in the Wilderness

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Upcoming: Reel Voices Film Festival | King in the Wilderness (2018; TV-14; 1h51m) FRI, JAN 18  7PM | 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last 18 months of life. Speaker: Dr. Obery Hendricks, Jr., Columbia University professor/MLK scholar.

FREE screening. Registration required. Register here.
Presented in association with MLK, Jr. Celebration Committee of Ridgewood and Glen Rock.

For information: Roberta Panjwani, Festival Coordinator, [email protected]
or 201-670-5600, ext. 132.

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Reader says ,”The senators were performing due diligence based upon the differences between a religious doctrine and existing law”

As a Catholic I think this is a bit of a stretch saying that the QUESTIONS asked were “anti-Catholic and bigoted comments”. The two senators were simply (and legitimately) asking judicial candidate Brian Buescher (a KofC member)about the differences between the KofC’s position on same sex marriage and abortion, and existing law if such a case were put before him. Buescher appropriately stated that the KofC’s position would have no influence on his decisions at all. The senators were performing due diligence based upon the differences between a religious doctrine and existing law. It’s no different than the questions posed to JFK when he was a candidate. The questioners were’nt bigoted or racist…simply asking the candidate if he had a conflict between law and doctrine.

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Village of Ridgewood Affordable Housing Presentation

the staff of the Ridgewood 

Ridgewood NJ, this is more state forced over development in Ridgewood , voting has consequences and the consequence of the Affordable Housing mandates is to create court ordered over development is a state with a sinking population and eroding tax base . 

The Village Seems to have worked out the lest invasive solution .

Please see the link below for the Affordable Housing Presentation by Presentation by Beth McManus, Village of Ridgewood Affordable Housing Planner.