Christie takes sides on N.J.’s great Taylor Ham vs. pork roll debate

Gov. Chris Christie sought to put an end to the raging culinary debate over whether what to call the Garden State’s beloved breakfast sandwich. Claude Brodesser-Akner, Read more

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Legislature Approves Atlantic City Takeover Compromise


After months of delays and mutual recrimination between the city and state, the state Assembly and Senate approved an amended Atlantic City rescue package Thursday. The successful bill would give the city 150 days to balance its nearly $100 million budget shortfall for 2017, then hold it accountable for doing the same over a period […]

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Trenton Wants to Tax Plastic Bags in “Feel Good ” policy move

May 22,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

TRENTON NJ, Under a proposed bill customers would be required to pay 5 cents for every plastic or paper bag they use to carry their purchases .

An previous version of the bill (A3671) called for a bag ban by 2025, but  sponsors discarded that idea. Efforts to curb plastic […]

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Atlantic City deal is written with Speaker’s political blood


The warring tribes of Democrats in Trenton smoked a peace pipe on Thursday and tentatively agreed to rescue Atlantic City from bankruptcy at the last minute. Tom Moran, Star-Ledger Editorial Board Read more

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Whelan: Atlantic City Botched Negotiations Long Before Assembly Talks


As the two sides in the legislative debate over a state takeover of Atlantic City negotiate on a compromise between two dueling bills from Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) and Assembly Speaker Vince Prieto (D-32), the gaming capital’s state Senator said Monday that he places the blame squarely on the city’s shoulders for not approaching […]

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Corruption? Here? Bill would require ethics training for elected officials


In an effort to stem public corruption scandals, the state Senate on Mondayunanimously passed a bill that would require all New Jersey elected officials undergo ethics training as soon as they’re elected. S.P. Sullivan, Read more

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N.J. lawmaker confusion: A deal to save Atlantic City is near. Or maybe not.

A deal to help save Atlantic City from financial collapse could be in the works. Or maybe not. Brent Johnson, Read more

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Sweeney Seethes After Prieto Delays Posting Own AC Takeover Bill


Following a rash of sudden disappearances from Thursday’s Assembly session and Speaker Vince Prieto’s decision not to post his competing Atlantic City takeover bill, Senate President and takeover sponsor Steve Sweeney was noticeably agitated after five hours of delay and closed-door caucus meetings. Sweeney reiterated his call for the Speaker to post the version of […]

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An Atlantic City bankruptcy:promising for taxpayers, bad for politicians!

An Atlantic City bankruptcy:promising for taxpayers, bad for politicians!

By Matt Rooney

Doomsday predictions were leveled, Save Jerseyans, but over one year removed from the Detroit, Michigan bankruptcy – the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history –the Motor City is shaping up and making substantive progress. It can pay its bill and streets are being repairs. Sad […]

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The Agony of Don Guardian: 14 Hours with the Man Fighting the Takeover


The sun hadn’t risen yet when Don Guardian began his day at the Atlantic City public works yard. The mayor was facing the latest in a series of increasingly dire fiscal deadlines, and had just days to make a decision whether to make an $1.8 million interest payment on municipal bonds. If he and his […]

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