Testicle-munching fish species found in Swedes Lake in South Jersey

A man and his son caught a strange species in Swedes Lake in South Jersey that turned out to be a rare Amazonian fish known in South America as the “Nutcracker,” according to reports.

The pacu is native to the Amazon
By David Lawler, Washington

9:08PM BST 24 Jun 2015

A species of fish best-known for attacking human testicles […]

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State government tax revenue is only 5 percent above its pre-recession level

The financial state of states: The truth may scare you

State government tax revenue is only 5 percent above its pre-recession level.

Eric Rosenbaum | @erprose

State finances across the U.S. have been described as stable but slow growing. Six years into the post-recession economic recovery, that statement may be accurate, but the full truth may be more […]

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Tired of high taxes? Maybe it’s time to move

file photo by Boyd Loving

CNBC data analysis shows outbound flow from high-tax states.

John W. Schoen | @johnwschoen

Everyone complains about taxes. But millions of American households apparently are doing something about it: Picking up and moving.

A CNBC analysis of tax data and figures provided by two major national moving companies shows that states with the highest […]

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Proposed Law in New Jersey Would Keep the Walking Dead From Driving

The “walking dead” are aiming higher—and in New Jersey, it appears they have been driving.

But on Thursday, reports, the state’s Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee released a bill to put an end to the behavior.

This legislative move follows a state audit in March that revealed the Motor Vehicle Commission had issued official documents, such […]

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Look for the Union Label: AFL-CIO releases its general election endorsements

More than 600 delegates representing 1,000 labor unions and 1 million members of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO convened at Caesars Atlantic City June 16 & 17, 2015, to participate in the endorsement process for one New Jersey Senate seat, 80 state Assembly seats and for a slate of 48 rank-and-file union members seeking public […]

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Democrat Senate president “Benito” Sweeney looks to stem protests outside his home

June 18, 2015 7:39 AM
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

WEST DEPTFORD NJ,  Protests outside the home of New Jersey’s state Senate president Stephen Sweeney could be outlawed by a newly proposed ordinance.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the West Deptford Township Committee introduced an ordinance Wednesday to overhaul its loitering ordinance and regulate picketing in residential areas.

The […]

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Politics, lobbying canceled out early support for medical-billing reform in Trenton

JUNE 14, 2015, 11:24 PM    LAST UPDATED: SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2015, 11:32 PM

To the Democratic lawmakers who worked for months on a measure to protect patients from surprise medical bills and solve the problem of New Jersey’s uncontrolled out-of-network health care costs, it looked like momentum and public support […]

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Assembly Republicans say Democrats, not Christie, to blame for N.J. economy

TRENTON — Facing a difficult battle to take control of the lower house of the state Legislature in November, state Assembly Republicans defended Gov. Chris Christie’s stewardship of New Jersey’s economy on Thursday.

“Some people want to blame the governor. The governor has been the only thing between your wallet and the state Assembly Democrats, period,” […]

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New Jersey uses ‘one-shot’ budget-balancing maneuvers: study

(Reuters) – Many U.S. states balance their budgets by using short-term techniques to make it appear spending does not exceed revenue, according to a report released on Monday that singled out New Jersey for using these budget-balancing maneuvers.

The report by public policy nonprofit Volcker Alliance, founded by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, said New […]

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Why New Jersey Doesn’t Let You Pump Your Own Gas

Lawmakers in New Jersey and Oregon are considering bills that would finally give drivers in those states the option to pump their own gas. But why was that practice banned in the first place?

Let’s start with the case in New Jersey. The Garden State’s ban on self-service gas stations, which are allowed in 48 states, […]

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