Reader says NJ residents are hurt in the new tax bill because NJ Democrats bleed them dry at the state level

I am the original poster and I am VERY aware of which NJ residents get hurt by this bill.
These are the same NJ residents that Obama forced a tax hike on in 2010. These are the same NJ residents that NJ Democrats are chomping at the bits to hike taxes on.
These NJ residents are hurt […]

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Reader says In 10 years NJ will be populated by those that can’t move, and those that somehow have their snout in the teacher, fireman, policeman, state worker pension trough

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This bill is bad for NJ but that’s not an indictment of the bill it’s an indictment of the politicians we elect and the state finances we have been complicit in creating. Josh needs to go not because he did or did not vote for this bill but because he can’t […]

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Reader says Wake up New Jersey

Wake up NJ. Boeing, ATT (who move down out of NJ), Comcast, Wells Fargo, and about 12 more companies so far have announced employee bonuses, wages, increased capital spend, and hiring all due to tax cut. That is all great for middle class and everyone else
Illoinis (another high tax state) like NJ calculate it is […]

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New Jersey Once Again Ranks Last in Business Tax Climate

December 20,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, the latest Tax Foundation ratings are out and once again New Jersey ranks dead last in business climate . #50 New Jersey ranked in the bottom 5 along with
#49 New York , #48 California ,#47 Vermont and #47 District of Columbia .

Neighboring states ,#15 Delaware ,#26 Pennsylvania and #49 […]

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Trenton Politicians Always Pay Themselves First

December 15,2017

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Trenton NJ, A state Senate panel quickly advanced a Democratic bill that would give some elected officials bigger pensions, pushing through a vote on Thursday in about one minute and without any debate or public testimony.

The New Jersey Pension and Health Benefits Commission has stated that there are a […]

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Reader says The iceberg has been spotted, NJ is closing in on it fast and they are running out of other people’s money.

Doing something “swift and broad” will be far harder in light of the coming mass exodus of big dollar taxpayers caused by the double whammy of Herr Trump’s corporate tax hand outs (paid for by blue state property tax payers) combined with Murph’s soak-the-successful tax plan. The iceberg has been spotted, NJ is closing in […]

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Reader says If New Jersey were a corporation it would have declared bankruptcy years ago

If New Jersey were a corporation it would have declared bankruptcy years ago. Murphy want to “tax the rich” to raise only a fraction of what the state needs to meet its obligations. The Republican tax plan beats him to the punch by removing the deduction for state and local taxes which are already unsustainably […]

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Attorney General Porrino Announces Arrests of 79 Alleged Child Predators & Child Pornography Offenders in “Operation Safety Net”

December 5,2017

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Trenton NJ,  Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino today announced arrests of 79 child predators and child pornography offenders in “Operation Safety Net,” a nine-month, multi-agency child protection initiative led by the New Jersey Regional Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. Partnering agencies targeted sex offenders who exploited the […]

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New Jersey Makes the Top Ten states with the Highest Expenditures on Public Welfare

December 1,2017

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Washington DC, Congress is trying to make headway on tax reform, President Donald Trump said earlier this month that welfare reform will be one of the next big items on the White House agenda.

New Jersey is already in the top 10 states in total amount of Welfare expenditures .  […]

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New Jersey Taxes Going through the Roof ,Run For Your Life

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November 29,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, according to the Bergen Record ,Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy said Tuesday that he is “confident” his proposal to increase taxes on New Jersey’s millionaires will go through, even as Democratic leaders in the Legislature have cooled on the idea in light of GOP […]

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